What is a CBD Bath Bomb?

What-is-a-CBD-Bath-Bomb- It isn’t often we get to say this, but the chances are Kim Kardashian got you searching for the question; what is a CBD bath bomb?

If you missed the story, we’ll fill it in quickly, Kim K’s baby shower was CBD themed, and had a host of different CBD products around, including a f*cking CBD chocolate fountain, which is what we have all decided we need in the office as soon as possible. 

Aside from the obvious excitement of this chocolate fountain, the thing that is being most spoken about as a result of the Kardashian CBD Extravaganza (she might not have called it that) is the CBD bath bombs that were available amongst a host of wellness and beauty products. 

What is a CBD Bath Bomb?

Okay, so let’s be honest here, you probably know the answer to this question, and you’re here looking for a little bit more information, and we are more than happy to provide it. 

For the purpose of actually answering the question though, a bath bomb is made with baking soda and a collection of other things that you drop in your bath, it then explodes (not literally your water should stay in the bath) into a world of colour and pleasant smells, and normally contains essential oils or something else designed to improve your mood or decrease some sort of physical pain or irritation. 

A CBD bath bomb is like any other bath bomb, except it contains CBD. 

Why Should I Use CBD Bath Bombs? 

So, now that’s out of the way, let’s get into the finer details of CBD bath bombs, and what benefits they may offer you. 

Home Spa – Reason one is a simple one, as with any other bath bomb, it’s the closest you can get to having a spa in your own house. Obviously, it helps if you can have some candles, maybe a glass of wine, and a willing volunteer to rub some of the knots and aches out of your body, but failing that, a bath bomb does a good job by itself. 

Major League Chill Out – Any bath bomb and a nice warm bath is going to aid you in relaxing as long as you have the right amount of time to put into the journey towards utter chilled out euphoria. With CBD thought to aid in the relaxation of body and mind, the presence of the cannabinoid in a bath bomb is only going to help. 

Epsom Salt and CBD – Epsom salt is found in most bath bombs and is thought to have the ability to aid in the removal of toxins from the body, aiding muscle relief and mood stabilisation. These potential benefits crossover with those of CBD, which interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system which aids in the management of pain and mood. 

Double the CBD Intake – If you’ve done your bath right, it’ll be pretty warm, and this adds a bonus to the intake of CBD. Not only will lying in a CBD infused bath allow the cannabinoid to soak into your body, similar to the topical application of a CBD cream, it will also give the opportunity for you to breathe in the CBD, as well as the essential oils and terpenes found in broad-spectrum CBD products, to give you an extra way to take in the CBD, through both water and air. 

Skin Care Potential – In my humble opinion, if you’re not glowing after a CBD bath, you’re not doing it right. Not only will the relaxation offered aid in adding some healthy colour to your skin, CBD is also thought to provide potential relief for dry skin and mild skin conditions, and possibly aid in the health and elasticity of the skin. This means that you may find the glow in your skin coming as much from the outside as it does from the inside. 

So, we know the next question is ‘can I make CBD bath bombs?’ because you’re going to want to get on this as soon as possible. But instead of answering that here, we’re going to dedicate an article to it. 

Do you use CBD bath bombs? How do you find them? Let us know in the comments below.


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