What Happens if you Fry Eggs in CBD Oil?

Eggs fry oil CBD plantandhemp Fry Eggs in CBD Oil, really?

Of course, there are so many ways to fry eggs. But now, a new and special way of doing that has just been discovered, all thanks to Bob Marley’s son, Julian.

JuJu Royal a product produced by Marley’s cannabis brand has stood in the same rank had vape juice, vape cartridges, olive oil, and sublingual tablets.

All their virgin olive oils are known to contain a certain quantity of full-spectrum CBD, which in most cases is about 250mg. Each of these either comes in rosemary flavour or basil flavour. This company have the habit of donating one per cent of their general income to weed for warriors. This is a brand that deals with social justice and their primary aim is to provide support to veterans that are in need of rehabilitation.

This is what he said about using CBD oil for eggs:

I’m on a mission to find all the possible ways that can be used to prepare an egg on planet earth. This made me come across the idea of using CBD Oil and see what will come out of it. I also wanted to know if it will make me feel sleepy.

This experiment started just like any other egg frying for breakfast, just that this time around, I was using an oil instead of my regular butter. But I figured out it was fun to always try new things. I knew it wasn’t going to kill me, so there was no stopping me. I began the frying with two teaspoons of oil that contains approximately 30mg of CBD oil. Although, I wasn’t sure of what the outcome will be. But what really gave me hope was that the JuJu Royal’sCBD olive actually heat up just like every other oil

When it was all done and ready for consumption, I took my first bite before adding hot sauce. I wanted to know if there was any major or slight difference in taste compared to fry with butter. Surprisingly, I realized that there was no difference. An egg fried with CBD oil taste the same as that which was fried with butter or non-infused CBD olive oil. Although the basil flavour was there, which was perfect, there was nothing similar to the taste of CBD oil which usually had a citrus taste. This was relieving because I never like that taste.

My experimental egg tasted just like every other egg that I fried with butter in the past. Besides that, it is one of the healthiest sources of cholesterol.

In conclusion, I’m glad to tell you that JuJu Royal’s CBD Olive Oil is a perfect choice if you wish to use it for frying. At the time of this experiment, I just had an overseas travel trip and I was experiencing a jet lag. After eating the eggs that I fried with CBD oil, I felt relaxed and an hour later, my body system became altered and I was happy, completely free from the stress I incurred from my journey. I think it is high time we look beyond what we all know marijuana to be. It has far more than the THC high and it awaits you and me.


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