What Does CBD Feel Like?

What Does CBD Feel Like? What does CBD feel like? Well, CBD oils, they feel kind of oily, CBD gummies are pretty squishy, CBD dry flower is… oh, was that not what you meant? Okay, so maybe we knew that wasn’t what you meant.

It’s an often asked question, and for good reason, because much of what you read (and we may be guilty of this too, while we try not to be) seems to be focused on what CBD doesn’t feel like. 

That helps, obviously, CBD isn’t psychoactive like THC, so it doesn’t get you high. That’s good to know. It’s also something many want to know as soon as they consider taking those first tentative steps into the CBD world. 

But once that’s out the way, what’s left? If it doesn’t get you high, how does CBD feel? 

No Simple Answers for how Does CBD Feel 

If you’ve been reading the P&H Journal for a while, you’ll know that it’s very rare we have the ability to give a simple answer to questions. If that’s your thing, you’re in luck, because we’re all back in that situation again! 

Basically, how CBD feels may (and probably will) differ from person to person, so we can’t turn around and say, “this is exactly how you’ll feel the first time you take CBD”. 

To be fair, that’s true of most things, we can’t tell you how we feel after the first time you go for a run either, or the first time you fall in love (and before you mock us in the comments, at least one of the P&H team has done both of those things…). 

But what we can do is take an average from the host of anecdotal evidence that exists, mix that up with the science into a tasty little brew of educated prediction as to how CBD is likely to make you feel. 

Whether our predictions match your experiences or not, we’d love to hear from you, information is our favourite thing to consume. 

The Most Common Effects of CBD

The first time you ever used CBD, you may experience something similar to what is known as the ‘Runner’s High’. That’s right, you thought we were just being random in our comparisons above, and suddenly the going for a run thing makes sense. It’s all connected!

Sorry, anyway, as we were saying. 

The ‘Runner’s High’ is the natural rush of endorphins some get after going for an intense run (granted, it’s not something we can all relate to) and that’s similar to how some feel after taking CBD for the first time. 

Another comparison, although not quite as similar, would be the buzz of that first cigarette in the morning. 

Once the initial reaction wears off, which should be fairly swift, the next thing you may feel is a sense of relaxation, like one or two of the weights have been taken off your shoulders. 

For most CBD aficionados, the main sensation reported when using CBD is one of relaxation, which a dash of mild euphoria, exactly the sensation you want just before going to sleep, or when kicking back on a proper comfy chair on a lovely summer’s day. 

For some with mild anxiety and stress-related conditions, a relief of the symptoms of these conditions has also been reported. 

The Science Behind the Anecdotes

While there isn’t (at this point) direct scientific proof to back up these claims, there is the foundation of potential proof. 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, more specifically with the cannabinoid receptors contained within it. 

Unlike THC, which binds to cannabinoid receptors, CBD is thought to act as a regulator, enhancing the ability of these receptors to bind to the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the body. 

As the endocannabinoid system aids in the management of mood, the potential for CBD to be able to increase the body’s ability to relax certainly makes sense in principle. 

The endocannabinoid system also aids in the support of appetite, which may be why many claim to feel either more or less hungry after using CBD. 

We’d love to hear your opinion on how CBD feels. How did it feel for you the first time? How does it feel now? Let us know in the comments below.


The products we sell do not have proven health benefits. While research is being carried out, these products are not, and should not, be considered to be medical products. 

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We are simply bringing you the information needed to make an informed decision on what you want to use CBD for, and what you are comfortable using our products for. 

CBD products should not be used as a replacement for any prescribed medication. 

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