The CBD UK Revolution

CBD UK We’ve spoken at length about the global phenomenon that CBD has become and looks likely to be for a long time still, but what about the biggest booms? Whether it’s CBD liquid, CBD oils, CBD vape juice, CBD edibles, CBD spray, CBD creams, CBD pills, even CBD for dogs, there are few countries as excited about cannabidiol as the UK. 


We’ve covered this at length in another article, which you should definitely read, but just to answer the question in short form here for ease of reading, yes, CBD is legal in the UK. 

There are some caveats attached however, THC content has to be minimal, how much is oft-debated, with some claiming that any THC content is illegal, but the general consensus is that the law in the UK echoes that of the EU, which states that CBD products can contain around 0.2-0.3% THC maximum to be legal for sale and use. 

CBD Popularity in the UK

Between 2017 and 2018, CBD usage in the UK doubled going up from 125,000 users to 250,000, and the assumption is that growth has been even swifter through 2019, we are all looking forward to the official statistics when they are released. 

All that is known for sure is that the UK loves cannabidiol, and that popularity is continuing to grow. 

Why the Rise? 

A large part of the rise in usage of cannabidiol in the UK has been down to accessibility, there are substantially more places to buy CBD now than there were last year, and even more than the year before that, and this availability has allowed many people in the UK to try out CBD for themselves. 

The multiple ways CBD can be taken is also a reason for the more common usage, with everything from CBD tea to tattoo creams containing CBD available at this point. For those who find inhaling CBD to have connotations, having alternative ways to try the cannabinoid is a huge plus. 

Those connotations have also changed, the stigma around CBD is dropping, with more people than ever understanding that CBD is not the same as cannabis, it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it doesn’t get you high. 

Health Benefits

The biggest reason why the UK is becoming increasingly fond of CBD products is deserving of its own section here. 

A 2018 World Health Organisation (WHO) report on CBD stated that potential benefits of CBD included treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s, cancer, Diabetes, MS, and Parkinson’s, as well as numerous mental health disorders including anxiety and depression. 

On top of this, research into CBD as a treatment for epileptic seizures proved so positive that the first FDA approved drug containing CBD, Epidiolex, is now available via prescription in the US. 

While the science is still coming when it comes to the possible CBD health benefits for the other medical conditions listed above, and more besides, there is a strong amount of anecdotal evidence to shows that many believe CBD has been vital for treating the symptoms of various ailments. 

With the attitude of many being that everything is worth a try, CBD has become popular for people who are simply curious as to whether it works or not, and the non-psychoactive, non-addictive properties of CBD make this a comfortable choice. 

The Future

CBD may well take over the world, by this point, we all know that, but nobody can really be sure exactly where this intriguing story is going in the years to come. 

What we do know, is that if things continue like they are, with more CBD strains than ever on offer, then the rise of CBD in the UK is only likely to continue! 


The products we sell do not have proven health benefits. While research is being carried out, these products are not, and should not, be considered to be medical products. 

Any information we give in these articles is taken from scientific research, but should not be considered as a statement of fact. Links and information included in these articles do not reflect the opinion of Plant & Hemp. Any link to scientific studies is for information only, and not intended as a proof of any specific fact, or to validate any specific opinion. 

We are simply bringing you the information needed to make an informed decision on what you want to use CBD for, and what you are comfortable using our products for. 

CBD products should not be used as a replacement for any prescribed medication. 

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