Mandarina Kush | Outdoor

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  • Cultivat organic.
  • Semințe înregistrate în catalogul de certificare UE.
  • Analize de laborator certificate (THC <0,2%).
  • Cultivat în Elveția.

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Florile Mandarina sunt de dimensiuni mici si medi. Culoarea lor este o noanta frumoasa de verde care indica calitate si consistenta.

La atingere initial florile par pufoase dar sunt surprinzator de dense. 

Frunzele isi fac prezenta dar nu intr-un mod exagerat, ceea ce este complet normal pentru florile outdoor.

Aceste flori au o concentratie mica de polen si rasina comparativ cu celelalte flori din aceasta categorie, ceea ce face ca Mandarina sa fie un soi unic si special!


Florile Mandarina Kush au un miros impresionant pentru modul lor de cultivare outdoor. Un miros floral si pamantiu, cu caracteristici de canepa,dar floarea dezvaluie o aroma fina fructata. Un miros de citrice si mere care iti aduce aminte cat de frumoasa este natura.


Modul de cultivare outdoor este caracterizat de plantele care cresc cu sol si lumina naturala.

Rezultatul sunt florile de dimensiuni mici si medi, cu o rata medie de polen si cristale. La atingere, florile sunt in general pufoase, mirosul caracteristic florilor cultivate outdoor este pamantiu si usor fructat.


Floare CBD pur organica.

Continutul total de Cannabinoizi

CBD 2.3% | CBC 0.16% | CBG 0.05% | THC 0.10%

Acest produs nu a fost stropit cu canabinoizi artificiali pentru a creste procentul de CBD, pentru mai multe informatii apasa aici

Mod de utilizare

Acesta este un produs sigilat de colectie, nu este destinat consumului uman!

Informații suplimentare


Mandarina Kush




  1. Jessica

    This is my go to for every day use . . . excellent for pain reduction and helps with inflammation and energy. Good for focus and general functioning without side effects. Both smoke and vape.

  2. Yong

    Light and airy feeling. No pain at all. Shallow skin tingling. Hyper focus at times. Good for chilling!!

  3. Darwin

    These large marshmallow nuggets are a rare strain of their own. with a high CBD and relatively lower THC content you are able to kill two birds with one stone – Pun intended. Great strain for medical patients or newbies looking for pain relief with out any negative side effects. The high is very m…

  4. Latanya

    love this uplifting pain remedy.

  5. Lilli

    he’ll yeah smoked some Mandarina CBD with the homie before work. It got me super energized and I feel no pain and I’m super happy. Cannabis it never stops satisfying.

  6. Cordie

    The effect of this strain really helps with my medical needs; I love the fact that it is high in CBD. I’m not a fan of the taste though but that’s my preference; still a smooth smoke though.

  7. Velia

    Just. Fkin’. Awesome

  8. Naida

    This is my favorite strain so far. It is very relaxing and uplifting. It seems to help calm my inflammatory skin disease too. My eczema is much better now. And I feel happier and everything seems brighter and clearer!

  9. Shawanda

    Love this strain. I’m more of an indica guy but this strain is good. Pine sweet smell lifts you up and puts you in good mood. Light head high that will keep you up for the day.

  10. Song

    ?? Mandarina CBD is the ULTIMATE wake & bake strain! I didn’t know what to expect so I made sure it was a strain I tried with a freshly rested mind. The smell and taste was very spicy and earthy… honestly kind of reminds me of the old school pretendo that used to float around. The high is fantats…

  11. Kandice

    Great for pain!

  12. Johanne

    So good

  13. Molly

    I love this strain! It’s perfect for helping me unwind after the day. It’s also good for stress headaches. This is my go to most of the time as it enhances my concentration and chills me out enough to get stuff done

  14. Ronda

    Mandarina Kush | Outdoo

  15. Oska

    What an incredible flower! I <3 you guys toooooo much. Keep up the good work

  16. Oska

    Mandarina Kush

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