“In this bright future, you can’t forget your past” – R.N.M

At P&H our mission is to breath life into the underground creative communities of Europe through the emancipation of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

With the oncoming legalisation of potentially €10B of illegal EU Cannabis money we believe, when legalised, this money can do great great things for our future creativity and our happiness as an ever growing interconnected community…

Our values are:

  • Balance – with the natural world
  • Depth of meaning – rational mysticism
  • Simplicity – let’s not overcomplicated an overcomplicated world

Para ti, nosso cliente, nós oferecemos:

  1. Um serviço ao cliente fantástico of happy people who care about you and the postman who keeps losing your packages.
  2. Conveniência.. Our mission is to get you your products in under one hour if you live in a capital city and in under 24 hours if you’re adventurous enough to live in the forest.
  3. Qualidade.. Eu já estive literalmente na União Europeia inteira a falar com todos os agricultores que conseguimos encontrar e a fazer noitadas a aperfeiçoar o catálogo - bom, terão que acreditar em mim.. Porquê? Produtos fantásticos a preços espetaculares. 

P&H was founded in Lisboa in the year 2018 and our core goal is to spread the P&H mission across the entire EU.

If you want to join our movement, have ideas on what we could do next, por favor contacta-nos..

Lucas. Pisaroni

Oska Keene




Av. Duque de Loulé 12 6º e 7º andar, 1050-090 Lisboa



T: +351 912816262


Plant&Hemp does not condone or promote the use of illicit or illegal drugs and works tirelessly with legal teams across the European Union to keep within the fast-changing rules of our industry. If you think we are making a mistake por favor contacta-nos..