CBD BRIGADEIROS | 3x50mg | VEGAN & Gluten Free

Sleepy Energizing

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○ Organic and Artisanal

○ 4 units | 50mg CBD each

○ Reusable packaging made from Hemp bioplastic

○ Collab artist of the month: CMarie

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Each box contains 4 Brigadeiros

Each Brigadeiro contains 50mg of CBD

Total of 200mg CBD per jar

When we say these, organic, vegan CBD Brigadeiros are made with love and care this is genuinely an understatement.


Before these treats became “CBD Brigadeiros” they were already a much sought-after famous local “Brigadeiros” delicacy with people purchasing this specific recipe from our chef from all around the world.

Let me repeat, these are not your normal Brigadeiros.

The Almond milk is made by hand from fresh Almonds, this fresh Almond milk is then further condensed by hand and finally (to cut a very long story of love, sweat, and tears short) each individual dairy-free chocolate teardrop is placed on its surface by hand.

…not your normal Brigadeiros.

But be warned, this is a delicious treat that is the strongest edible product from our edibles range and should only be taken by those looking for the strongest CBD effects possible.




These CBD Brigadeiros are life changingly delicious.

But please be warned, each individual Brigadeiro contains 50mg of CBD which is at the very extreme end of the CBD scale. We do not advise anybody to eat one full Brigadeiro for their first time and instead bite one in half wait at least an hour and then carry on to consume the entire one.

That being said, many CBD consumers seek higher dosage products and we believe this is a wonderful world first that can offer the strongest therapeutic effects people desire from taking CBD.

Aparência e textura

These CBD Brigadeiros are covered in a light brown coating of delicious lactose-free chocolate drops and at first glance, your eyes wonder how they stay connected to the inner chocolate circle.  Roughly the size of a Ferrero Rocher believe us when we say there is truly no comparison.



As soon as you open your special hemp box packaging your nostrils will fill the aroma of fresh coco and good vibes. The smell makes you feel like your in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, only for this experience you don’t need a golden ticket.



Avelã bio/Hazelnut bio
Agua mineral alcalina ph9/ph9 alkaline mineral water
Coconut sugar
Fécula de batata/Potato starch
Chocolate 60% Kaoka (France)


Total de Content

CBD 200mg per box | 50mg CBD per unit| 0.0% THC

Legal details

The cakes sold by P&H are made and produced independently by a third-party culinary Masterchef.

We purchase these products and repackage them but do not produce them.

The CBD inside the edibles range is produced using a “novel food license pending CBD distillate” a current requirement for any edibles products sold inside the EU.

Certificates can be readily supplied from our third-party producer upon request.

These products contain 0.0% THC.


Porções totais

Este produto é hermeticamente fechado e vendido como lembrança de cânhamo.


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