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Summer Mix | Outdoor | CBD + CBDA < 22%


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Farm location

Swiss, EU




Summer Mix

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We are pleased to introduce our new range of organic flowers from Alplant.

A Swiss supplier working 100% within organic farming practices, they develop varieties in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor.

Moreover, their seriousness made them finish 2nd at the CBD Swiss Cannabis Cup 2018/2019 edition.

The Summer Mix variety is grown in outdoor and gives flowers of medium sizes with many very flagrant leaves.

This strain is definitely very qualitative for an outdoor cutlture.

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The couriers work from Monday to Friday, therefore no deliveries will be made on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

All products are marketed with the certification of the laboratory analysis in accordance with the European legislation.

All products commercialized by Plant&Hemp comply with the European laws regarding the cultivation of hemp:

– The European Regulation-Delegate-n.-639-2014;

– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.

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This product is intended to be used as an infusion.

THC rate < 0.2%

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Farm location

Swiss, EU




Summer Mix

CBD percentage


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  • Roberto

    Nice body high with no anxiety. Love this feel good smoke.

  • Noe

    I love the stream! It’s great when I work and I don’t want to be tired but I need something for my anxiety. It Gives me a happy ,Motivated ,uplifted feeling. I love it for my pain. I have I steal and rheumatoid arthritis. I also have no Cartlidge in my neck or lower back. My deteriorating discs in m…

  • Delbert

    So far so good. I have had the unfortunate experience of cannabis ramping up my anxiety. Thinking over it I really get in my head after smoking and this is a nice clear headed body high that stops my anxiety not to mention any aches and pains I have . I’m glad I am able to smoke without freaking out…

  • Sadie

    One of my new favorites! A nice fun high without being too intoxicating. The perfect daytime strain.

  • Zandra

    This is a great strain if you need a little motivation to do a mild activity. For example, I love to clean with this strain. It definitely elevated my mood; I just felt overall pleasant/content.

  • Dwain

    I really enjoy a non owerwhelming daytime, and creative buzz. I have always loved the strain skunk #1 for it’s beautiful buzz. I was able to find that here. Even more so, these high cbd low to mid THC are wonderful!

  • Melissia

    Amazing strain, i get paranoid easily when I smoke, but not with this strain! Works amazing even with OCD! Highly recommend to anyone and all!! Using cresco liquid live resin vape

  • Reagan

    I agree this is great medical marijuana. I only got a actual buzz the first few times I smoked this flower. I feel the lower THC content caused me to build a tolerance quickly, and soon it no longer helped my migraines. Along with Cannatonic, I found it to be a good beginner strain, as it helped me …

  • Herminia

    Nice, steady session flower. Won’t get you dumb.

  • Pamula

    Just what I’ve been looking for! The perfect sativa/CBD hybrid. bought a gram, filled a pre-roll, and an hour and a half later I’m lost in my game and realize I’m only halfway through. This is great for a strong mental buzz that doesnt leave you worried or anxious in the slightest.

  • Kala

    SO good for my anxiety, my go to for it. It does make me a bit sleepy though

  • Consuela

    very very calming and peaceful. but left me wanting to smoke more.

  • Rhona

    very mild high pretty relaxing but the high doesn’t last very long. it did not help me with pain at all. if anything it made me focus on the pain more.

  • Arlie

    This is my go-to for anxiety and pain. I use it in a Pax Era cartridge and when I am feeling panicked, one or two hits and I calm down. It’s the second-best substance for panic attacks (#1 would be bentos, but due to people abusing them it is hard to get, and lots of people don’t like side effects) …

  • Kasha

    Really opened my mind to tryin more CBD strains. No paranoia just relaxation! I really loved this flower ! Impressive

  • Reda

    My search for a less sleepy 1:1 is over. This is my new daytime strain. Quick onset brings body tingles and warming. Like being in a warm bath. Relaxed without feeling like you need a nap. Definitely good for pain with its moderately intense body high but clear headed enough to get stuff done. A lit…

  • Gregory

    Ok. medical marijuana is the best for pain and depression. But I ALWAYS get extreme paranoid. I just took a few hits of HQ and I’m floored!! This is the most amazing strain out there. The high CBD counteracts the paranoid 100%. I have a very bad back and suffer from bipolar. This strain is the best …

  • Tom

    Phenomenal for pain relief. Have a herniated disc in my lower back and after using a dry herb vape (385 degrees) the pain is now discomfort. Clear headed, no couch lock, relaxed but not stupid. Great for daytime pain relief.

  • Terina

    Relaxed and happy

  • Eufemia

    This is an excellent daytime smoke.l, especially for anxiety. Makes me clear headed and relaxed.

  • Vance

    A Miracle Strain! Love it! I was diagnosed with a severe type of psoriatic arthritis 10 years ago. The doctor told me I would more than likely not be able to walk in 6 – 8 years. They wanted to put me on those poison biologic & chemo drugs to stop the progression. I refused. Fast forward …

  • Hyon

    Amazing strain to take the edge off mid-day while still keeping your wits about you. Great medicinal qualities for anxiety, stress, and mild pain relief. My only complaint is that it’s a little musky for my taste.

  • Quinton

    My go-to strain. Compliments my capsules well

  • Alice

    My main go to medication when dealing with anxiety, pain and/or depression

  • Lakesha

    When available this is my go-to for getting out of bed and moving for the day. No head fog, just good solid pain relief for stiff joints and muscles from a very active lifestyle.

  • Dallas

    I really like it!

  • Herma

    My absolute favorite strain. I feel so good, anxiety gone, stress relieved, it helps my migraines… that wasn’t even a reason I tried this strain. Definitely a A+

  • Rosalva

    Great strain! It helped a lot with my ailments, I will keep this on my rotation of flower.

  • Nan

    Love this strain!

  • Gwenn

    Excellent For My Severe Anxiety! Left me clear and didn’t staple me to the couch. Mellowed out my anxiety and actually allowed me to go into public. Will be having a steady supply of this.

  • Maisha

    It is not the best strain if you want balanced amounts of CBD & THC. My main dislike of this stain – it is rough on the throat.

  • Ilene

    Great CBD strain. Helps with pain and nausea without any psychoactive affects.

  • Williemae

    So good for my conditions .

  • Tatyana

    my daytime still getting it all done choice. great for the social situations for someone who doesn’t normally cope well in them.

  • Brock

    Really enjoyed this strain And its super light body high—great for a longer smoke/vape session as the low THC takes some time to build up. I Vaped a Pax Era cartridge after I threw out my back—def lessened the pain/took the edge off. Didn’t eliminate it though I enjoyed more the fact that I had a …

  • Cole

    very relaxing and mellow high. really helps with stress and depression. low THC content and high CBD content gave me a sense of peace and calm. the smell had a slight sweetness to it with a matching smooth flavor. this is one of my favorite strains to roll in a joint.

  • Buena

    Flower. 3 big cloudy hits. Very relaxing and muscle loosener strain with a touch of happiness and uplift. Sweet fruit smell, great taste. With they had more where i live. Here are having problems with goverment burocracy, plant farms are escarce because goverment permits and massive paperwork, i don…

  • Nevada

    Can’t say enough amazing things about this strain! It is a heavy hitter that lasts longer than many other strains. Wouldn’t recommend driving for the 1st hour or two but between 4-6 it levels off and keeps the pain away! I’ve forsaken Sour Diesel and Green Crack in favor of Harlequin. She’s worth t…

  • Owen

    Great for during the day pain relief without getting totally stoned.

  • Shanelle

    Bought a 1-gram Sap from Cresco. Did about three dabs, instant headache with paranoia and jitteriness. Don’t feel relaxed or pain-free at all feel very upper like caffeine and strange. I called Cresco and told them about it and gave them the batch ID number, they told me to return it to the dispensa…

  • Cordie

    It’s your dads favorite strain. A must have if suffering from pain, stress and depression.

  • Kyra

    Live resin: tastes great but mainly a CBD strain. Helped a little with aches but did little for my PTSD

  • Jamee

    I have tried both the 1:1 ratio and the 2:1 ratio. I actually preferred the 1:1 ratio. This strain is great for medical use. It was decent at relieving aches and pains. And really good at treating anxiety. For me a bonus actually is that there is not much if any head high. I was still completely cle…

  • Ronda

    Nice! frear Pain relief, doesn’t keep u awake at night, it also relaxing!!

  • Rolanda

    Cute lil disposable pen that is very discreet. The effects dndong last very long which is a good thing. I liked this guy

  • Stacy

    I’m going to give good ol’ Harlequin a solid 5 stars because of how relaxed I feel when I smoke this flower. It’s perfect before bed time and even during the day when I’m able to wind down after a busy day. I haven’t experienced the psychoactive effects yet I feel the high CBD content, which allows …

  • Garfield

    Looking for reviews so I can see if it’s right for me. After scrolling through 5 pages of Buy My Bud ads BS, I gave up. Wonder if the dispos know about these crap ads? Does Leafly?

  • Margarita

    great taste, sleepy

  • Evelina

    Everybody stop posting your little ads to sell bud on here. This forum is meant to inform users of the quality and effects of the plant not where to buy some.

  • Evelina

    Everybody stop posting your little ads to sell bud on here. This forum is meant to inform users of the quality and effects of the plant not where to buy some.

  • Keri

    This one is definitely beyond helpful to me. This is the one I vape all day long until I vape my night time one. I have fibromyalgia and it keeps my inflammation down. My daily pain level went from 7-8 to a 3-4. My doctor was so impressed with how loose my back has become. My dispensary has a 1:1 ra…

  • Adena

    High CBD. Great daytime strain. Light. Easy.

  • Raleigh

    Wonderful – Always on hand All Day Functional Uplifting Focused Inflammation Reduction

  • Dona

    great for during the day. 1:1

  • Hilary

    Gets me pretty high but I have to have like a half a bowl before it will hit me since it is mostly CBD. Sometimes it relaxes me and others it makes me more energetic so I never know what to expect, it is very unpredictable. This is a very pungent smelling weed so for anyone trying to be conspicuous …

  • Roni

    I got Harlequin 1:1 vape by Cresco as one of my first purchases for Medical. I’m pretty sensitive to THC so I was looking for a balanced strain that didn’t aggravate my anxiety and make me paranoid. Harlequin is really good at relieving my anxiety and because of the CBD I have had NO paranoia with i…

  • Dee

    So far the best for pain and inflammation! But does knock you out!

  • Pearl

    Tired of restless Sleep? Anxiety and Those Feelings of Panic or panic attacks in general. You have Pain and REFUSE to subject yourself to Big Pharmas opiate Madness. LOOK NO FURTHER. I can’t say anything else except Try it and you WILL see. This Strain Embodies the Word Medicinal in Every Sense. Ma…

  • Howard

    This stuff is awesome! I’ve got general musculoskeletal pain (“fybromyalgia-like symptoms”, so I’m told) and osteo-arthritis and two of the 10:1 CBD (12mg)/THC (1mg) capsules of Harlequin from Fairwinds do an excellent job of dealing with most of the pain (an Aleve does the rest when it’s really ba…

  • Nery

    I CANT STOP SMILING! Total noob, early 30s. Always supported but never used. Got medical in my state (ptsd) and got a CBD only strain, this, and a mild indica. CBD helps with migraines, and is relaxing but not intoxicating. Indica made me dizzy. Harlequin? Makes me SMILE! I just played with my toe…

  • Bulah

    Everything I want from a sativa without the paranoia/anxiety.

  • Tenisha

    What a fantastic strain. First 10 minutes or so I felt nothing, just a little more upbeat and a little kick of energy. After that a nice cozy head high, not too strong. After about 1hr of feeling a little floaty a very nice body melt was noticed. All in all a very nice strain for a rainy day.

  • Dino

    I got this as a live liquid concentrate vape pen and it was amazing. It was my first real cannabis experience after I got my medical card. All the tension in my shoulders and back just melted away. The pain, stress, anxiety, depression, muscle tension, etc was lifted in a way; the muscle relaxant qu…

  • Jackie

    I had pretty bad experiences when i first tried weed. Its been about 4 years since and i was really hesitant to try it again, but i wanted to see if it would relieve any of my stress/anxiety. This is the first strain i got in a cartridge, having 8% thc and 80% cbd. Id say this is a good starter stra…

  • Casie

    Harlequin is a God sent for me, with it’s pain crushing and anxiety smashing properties I feel like I’m on top of the world. – I have been waking up feeling sick every morning for awhile now and one hit from this and it melted away into oblivion. – The high is very pleasant and inviting, leaving m…

  • Creola

    Im a medical patient for chronic back pain, and so far this is the best individual strain ive found to help me. Keep in mind that if you dont regularly use cbd you wont see the full relief the first few days of using this since cbd takes constant use for benefits. The head high isnt intense and wont…

  • Slyvia

    I like that I’m able to take it during the day to help with pain relief, but also be clear headed; maybe more clear-headed than I am without it.

  • Jospeh

    made me anxious. tolerable but anxious every time I tried. smoked as cartridge, June 2019, first targeted strain request ever

  • Tawanda

    Ringos gift and harlequin have been my favorite so far. The strains that actually worked on my anxiety so I really recommend this CBD strain.

  • Shan

    don’t remember anything about it but its weed so

  • Kirstie

    It changed my life for the better. My chronic back and wrist pain due to multiple injuries, combined with my stomach problems due to anxiety and seasonal depression drastically changed after I tried this strain. Ive never been a smoker before, but when my doctor offered me narcotics, I wanted to giv…

  • Muoi

    I love this strain. I have pain and sleep issues. Taking this through the day has helped me so much. I’m back to doing my chores, almost everything. It does make me talk too much. Lol. I will always keep this strain in my kit for daytimes.

  • Keenan

    From my teens until my early twenties I was a daily smokers until something happened in my life resulting in my development of PTSD. My anxiety got worse and worse and I started having random panic attacks. My attacks got so bad that I had one which resulted in a complete change of my perception a…

  • Kathryne

    This is my favorite strain right now. It relieves my pain while still having a clear head.

  • Lakenya

    All I can say is that this Harlequin strain needs to be a staple in every medical marijuana dispensary. If your sensitive to THC and deal with chronic pain then this strain is perfect. With its pain killing affect and it uplifting and energetic affect it will leave you pain free, happy, walking arou…

  • Lia

    Amazing for pain control without messing up your head!!!!

  • Ernie

    I decided to give CBD a real try for work after years of using small doses of sativa. Sometimes sativa hits you hard out of the blue. So, I packed a bowl of Harlequin and I had a cup of French press coffee. After session, I felt more relaxed, focused and the vision became sharper, too. I loved how…

  • Mose

    I suffer from debilitating OCD/anxiety and chronic back pain. Most strains (even those around 1:1) usually make the OCD/anxiety worse…the obsessive thoughts bounce around like a pinball machine. Some of the other higher CBD:THC strains I’ve tried have not had much effect. Harlequin, on the other h…

  • Jacque

    Really 4.5 stars because of one major downside, but it’s a personal thing and not necessarily the fault of the strain. I love Harlequin — it helps so much as someone with serious executive dysfunction issues stemming from ADHD, plus helping smooth out my moods. The high CBD and low-ish THC mean I …

  • Loren

    I took my first two hits of Harlequin about 15 minutes ago. For the first 5-10 minutes, I experienced some mild anxiety and slightly increased heart rate. This was unpleasant to me and disappointing because I wanted to try harlequin because I have a very low tolerance for thc. After that the high wa…

  • Myrtle

    Harlequin is one of my favorite strains. I use high-CBD strains daily for my anxiety and to help me sleep and for when I get migraines. Harlequin has started to become my go-to for daily use to help my anxiety not be too bad. It makes me feel uplifted and allows me to push through whatever is blocki…

  • Sindy

    Best medical strain for day time pain relief, hands down. Leaves you very clear-headed and relaxed. Vape pens make it discreet enough to keep with you all day to take the edge off whenever it’s needed. Currently use daily to treat inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia. The small dose from vapes do…

  • Mira

    I had back surgery when I was 12 in 2010. Ever since when the weather changes, my back hurts all the time. I recently got my med card, and with the help of my older sister, tried harlequin. I’m not a huge fan of the taste, but it definitely helps my back pain on a shitty weather day. It makes all of…

  • Earnest

    this bitch is the most exsgge

  • Earnest

    this bitch is the most exsgge

  • Cortney

    harlequin is really good

  • Latoyia

    available at the new Coshocton Ohio location

  • Reinaldo

    Love the taste when I vape. Make me concentrate and have fun when I’m high

  • Rudolph

    I have crippling anxiety. Been smoking weed for ~20 years, and recently my anxiety and paranoia have been through the roof after a bunch of stressful life events. I was going to stop smoking weed beacause every strain has been making me freak out… And then I found out about Harlequin. Holy crap. J…

  • Bettyann

    I have TOS, PTSD, and depression. This is my absolute favorite strain. It takes the pain away and helps me sleep

  • Mirta

    Great preroll choice. CBD with decent buzz.

  • Su

    Love this stuff…NO PARANOIA at all. It is spicy too… Perfect for the beginner or the experienced looking to get some sleep.

  • Gavin

    Perfect for day use. Clear head and provides energy

  • Thao

    I have never written a review before but had to for this. Yes have four young kids and they are loud and crazy and can be very stressful. I never use anything when I have them but yesterday was on the edge of losing it on them, and figured this doesn’t give me any declines decision making or affect …

  • Phoebe

    I have been waiting to try a strain that blows me away and this was it!! I’m 34, I have arthritis pain, nerve pain and chronic pain. I’ve had multiple back surges knee surgeries and many others. I also have a ton a gastrointestinal problems and the first review I saw on here was for the gastro issue…

  • Myrtle

    Diggin this one for sure. It’s such a mild high where you can totally function and not feel so slumped! My body was so relaxed – great after a gym work out. I was able to be productive but relaxed and happy.

  • Sindy

    Maddie – “I fucking love this weed!” “It doesn’t make me that foggy, but it puts me in a good mood with no anxiety. Dunno if it helps my anxiety but don’t get high anxiety. Relaxing but not pass out in the couch.”

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