• Skywalker Original | Greenhouse | CBD+CBDA < 20.5%


Natural CBD Flower

Skywalker Original | Greenhouse | CBD+CBDA < 20.5%


Certified 100% organic and natural flowers

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Farm location

Swiss, EU




Skywalker Original

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We are pleased to introduce our new range of organic flowers from Alplant.

A Swiss supplier working 100% within organic farming practices, they develop varieties in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor.

Moreover, their seriousness made them finish 2nd at the CBD Swiss Cannabis Cup 2018/2019 edition.

The Skywalker Original variety is grown in a greenhouse and gives flowers of small sizes very compact.

Its smell and taste coincide perfectly with a very fruity flavor.

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All products commercialized by Plant&Hemp comply with the European laws regarding the cultivation of hemp:

– The European Regulation-Delegate-n.-639-2014;

– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.

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This product is intended to be used as an infusion.

THC rate < 0.2%

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Farm location

Swiss, EU




Skywalker Original

CBD percentage


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  • Alda

    Just. Fkin’. Awesome

  • Tiffani

    Overall, a fairly calm and easy going strain. Personally, it provided a body relaxation which was great for my lower back and knees. I actually had to pause and actively sense if I had significant pain. The high is fairly mellow and light. Certainly capability of doing most activities in and around …

  • Angla

    This strain has positive effect on me even if day was negative this make everything alright. The weed stimulation start off in the mind then thru your whole body. Time of day morning, afternoon and evening is all good

  • Lavera

    One of my favorite CBD strains – this is what weed should feel like. As I write this, I feel airy, elevated, and notice a boost in appetite.

  • Su

    Very mellow high. Though, it makes you focused on certain tasks. Could clean my house top to bottom after a few bowls.

  • Fidelia

    Perfect for relaxing, but more of a CBD high. I smoke to help with creating music, and this didn’t help. However, I enjoyed it for relaxing and taking it easy! Helps with the sads too. Tastes and smells great too.

  • Ulysses

    This is the only strain that actually treats my migraines! I love it so much! I wish I could find it in flower form, as the cartridges don’t seem to work on me. This is the best strain ever!

  • Jerrold

    Nice body relaxation. My fibro pain “melted” slightly, it was like I could feel it draining off. I didn’t get a high, just a real body and mind relief. I don’t like the taste but I try to keep some on hand.

  • Jayson

    First time using this strain, the taste doesn’t bother me, but it makes me kind of lightheaded and dizzy for the first 30 minutes. Then, I relax. others report being hungry, but it doesn’t do that for me.

  • Vonnie

    This is my favorite strain so far. It is very relaxing and uplifting. It seems to help calm my inflammatory skin disease too. My eczema is much better now. And I feel happier and everything seems brighter and clearer!

  • Isadora

    Is this strange good in an oil one the one like RSL that helps Kill cancer cells?

  • Sonny

    Not good for me, initial locked/wired crash fir a couple hours, then slightly wired for 22 to 18 hours. Comedown left me with upset stomach and drowsiness. It may be CBD but too sativa.

  • Antione

    This has become my go-to medication of choice in the morning and whenever I need to relax, take the edge off pain, but still function. It gives a nice light buzz and a slight all over body high. I love the flavor, like Christmas trees with a bit of pepper. While this doesn’t take away my pain com…

  • Micaela

    Amazing, I use the throughout the day for pain relief mostly, but it helps with many other symptoms below. New centers in Maryland also have edibles and tinctures which were also Doctor recommended for severe and chronic pain symptoms management.

  • Lynsey

    So good

  • Pura

    Currently my all time favourite strain. The best daily driver hands down, I will never tire of this one. Highly recommended

  • Mariela

    This is my daytime medicine. Simply amazing, doesn’t get me super duper stoned (which I prefer at night) and therefore helps me function throughout the day. I find with some sativas, I tend to get tired later in the day. However with Skywalker CBD I’m energetic and stress free. AWESOME if you like to sta…

  • Lavon

    I’m new to medical marijuana but this was recommended to me as Boaty McBoatface at Tweed. It’s definitely a nice daytime strain, very mild but pleasant buzz. I have Fibromyalgia and literally all the co-morbid disorders, so I have a lot going on. For me, I felt much more relaxed, and it helped dull …

  • Darnell

    A must have. My new stand by. Lots of heads using these CBD flower strains as a base by which to add favorite Sativas and Indicas but I really appreciate effect that this single constituent produces whence smoked. Hallmarks: NOT stoned or high rather, up lifted, clear minded, and enthusiastic, wi…

  • Belia

    If you can call it a sativa then this is my favorite one. Most sativa’s claim to keep you ” Energized ” when usually what you get is just good ‘ol plain fashioned STONED. Skywalker CBD will change all that. The smoke was sort of spicy and earthy and although usually I dont like that flavor profile ….

  • Anastacia

    Targets very well the neck and spinal chord. So it seems to offer therapy in that region of the body. I felt my chord tingle for 2 days straight. However it disturbed my sleep for 2 days straight and it accompanied eerie thoughts; hence minus two stars. (Vap’d 338-344 F)

  • Jesenia

    The higher CBD content in CBD Skywalker CBD allows for an uplifted state without feeling “too high” or having any type of paranoia. Personally an enjoyable choice if you’re looking for something that allows you to easily go about your day.

  • Anamaria

    I now know what it’s like for cannabis to combat depression and fatigue. Sometimes I just wanna smoke weed that doesn’t make me feel like I smoked weed. I feel physically energetic, clear headed, happy and “normal.” The high CBD makes it more difficult to accidentally oversmoke and crash. No dizzies…

  • Maryrose

    I now know how cannabis can combat depression. I love smoking weed that doesn’t make me feel like I smoked weed. I’m physically energetic, uplifted, clear, and “normal.” The high CBD on this makes it more difficult to accidentally oversmoke and crash. Delightful. Just delightful.

  • Chester

    I love this strain! It’s perfect for helping me unwind after the day. It’s also good for stress headaches. This is my go to most of the time as it enhances my concentration and chills me out enough to get stuff done

  • Patrick

    Definitely one of my faves. Has the best of both of the CBD and THC worlds. True Authentic Medicine.

  • Sebrina

    I hadn’t smoked in a long time before ordering this strain from Tweed. I chose this Skywalker CBD for the low THC content because I have been known to get paranoid/anxious in the past. I was pleasantly surprised with the high. It was mellow and energetic at the same time and it totally took care of my an…

  • Margarett

    I just got this recently and am loving it. It helped so much with my social anxiety, I was able to feel clear headed and give a class presentation without wanting to cry.

  • Porsche

    With 15.3% CBD rating this is the highest Cannabidiol content I have found in any strain. Put on top of that a content of 16.3% THC this is a strong candidate for Number One with an overall rating of 31.6%. You can feel the density and resin content readily and with its sweet aroma and taste it’s…

  • Sherlene

    First review I’ve ever felt I needed to post on a strain… because Skywalker CBD is that good. I suffer from tension headaches as well as migraines, and this strain relieves pain so fast. I’ve tried a lot of different CBD strains and this is by far the best. I definitely think the THC content boosts the…

  • Brenna

    Boaty is like a friend who has your back when things get a little tough. Gives me the strength to push myself mentally a little harder. calms the effects of my anxiety attacks like shakes, the want to run and hide. Yet doesn’t cloud your head. You are still in control. (Yeah CBD).

  • Brynn

    Light and airy feeling. No pain at all. Shallow skin tingling. Hyper focus at times. Good for chilling!!

  • Marcie

    So lite… with intermittent hyper focus. Slight awareness to my eyes being tired; but, no pain at all!!! No tension in body….just very shallow tingling.

  • Lynna

    These large marshmallow nuggets are a rare strain of their own. with a high CBD and relatively lower THC content you are able to kill two birds with one stone – Pun intended. Great strain for medical patients or newbies looking for pain relief with out any negative side effects. The high is very m…

  • Wen

    Wow, Skywalker CBD is definitely a Sativa! I smoked this for the first time tonight and I couldn’t keep still. All I wanted to be was up and active and I would highly recommend this for those who enjoy productivity. Aside from the great service this was an amazing first haul.

  • Nella

    Skywalker CBD (Super Silver Haze X Nevilles Haze) THC 4.81% CBD 12.84% The Greener Side Of the ten or so cbd strains that have crossed my path this one is so far my favorite. For one its stands apart from the other cbd rich strains in taste straying from the more pungent hay-like flavor into a m…

  • Jacqualine

    CBD Skywalker CBD from my garden is a trew beauty to behold ! She was perhaps the best Soaring Sativa Cloud Reacher that I have had since I left the Wet Westcoast where MY Burmese ruled the Heights. The Phenotype that we grow has been tested in a Health Canada approved laboratory where it yielded 17 …

  • Librada

    One of the only sativas that I like! I’m a hardcore indica girl. This stuff wipes me clean, my brain is nice and blank. Sure, creativity would be nice, but I’m smoking it to get rid of bad thoughts. And this stuff will do it. Works on depression. Had a bit of anxiety but it went away quickly.

  • Kiesha

    This is my go to for every day use . . . excellent for pain reduction and helps with inflammation and energy. Good for focus and general functioning without side effects. Both smoke and vape.

  • Allegra

    It’s a great strain to use first thing in the morning and even all day. The sativa high is minimal leaving me almost completely clear headed, and the CBD brings calming effects and reduces any anxiety I may have. The taste is something else – I can’t really describe it. Overall excellent experience.

  • Monroe

    My go-to strain for medicating when I feel nauseous. It’s very sticky. The high doesn’t give me too much brain fog – just a calm, level-headed feeling.

  • Pamila

    Great for pain!

  • Allena

    I got this under the name Boaty McBoatface from Tweed with 4/9 thc/cbd. This is a great beginner strain. It helps with my physical pain and keeps my anxiety at bay, while maintaining a clear head. No feeling high, just a pleasant, comfortable, chillness. It does cause me major dry mouth, very mild …

  • Eliseo

    Skywalker CBD from Patriot Care in Boston is currently my favorite strain for medicinal use and in my top 5 for recreational use. It is a 2:1 CBD:THC and the THC percentage usually hovers in the 5-9% THC. It provides a great little head high but a amazing body high and a general overall effect. I use it …

  • Lashell

    As someone with chronic pain due to PTSD/GAD I have to say this strain is absolutely magical. The CBD/THC ratio was about 2:1, though still low (6% to 10%) and yet after just a couple of little pipe hits I had instant relief. My back loosened up, muscle knots I had for years shrunk in size, and I w…

  • Carolyne

    “Hold my beer.” -CBD #neebs #besmarter

  • Malik

    Found this strain at breeze botanical in Ashland Oregon, absolutely love it ! Very mellow high for day or night! Reduces stress immediately!

  • Ora

    Incredible strain. Without a doubt the best study aid I have ever used. It puts you in the zone, increases focus, and definitely helps with information recall. I love using it when I study (grad student) or just when I’m reading.

  • Palmer

    Great strain!! Not much of a psychoactive feeling at all. Clearheaded buzz and great for pain and anxiety as well. Also helps to create an appetite for those that are looking for a non-psychoactive appetite boost. The one I got was 7% CBD and only a 2.41% THC content.

  • Renay

    he’ll yeah smoked some Skywalker CBD with the homie before work. It got me super energized and I feel no pain and I’m super happy. Cannabis it never stops satisfying.

  • Windy

    he’ll yeah smoked some Skywalker CBD with the homie before work. It got me super energized and I feel no pain and I’m super happy. Cannabis it never stops satisfying.

  • Petronila

    I’d like to give this bud 2 1/2 stars. It has sativa-like qualities, but not a very strong high. It is like immediately going into the mellow come down phase.

  • Malorie

    The buds are fragrant, both sweet and skunky on the nose with a tinge of orange. The flower delivers the same flavor profile. The orange is delicious. Very smooth hits, great nugget structure, and very fresh buds. Grinder recommended. The high is energetic and manageable, with mild pain-killing…

  • Rozella

    The effect of this strain really helps with my medical needs; I love the fact that it is high in CBD. I’m not a fan of the taste though but that’s my preference; still a smooth smoke though.

  • Beverley

    this strain is far best for my joint and body pain but didn’t knock me out which is good I suffer from PTSD and it has seemed to calm my mind as well. highly recommend if you suffer from anxiety, PTSD or pain.

  • Antwan

    🤗🌲 Skywalker CBD is the ULTIMATE wake & bake strain! I didn’t know what to expect so I made sure it was a strain I tried with a freshly rested mind. The smell and taste was very spicy and earthy… honestly kind of reminds me of the old school pretendo that used to float around. The high is fantats…

  • Delores

    Popular cbd strain, great for pain.

  • Blair

    Fifty year old weed virgin here. This review is on behalf of Mrs. Mule, who is a PTSD patient and will be less than complete since it is more from my observation and less from my direct experience of this weed. As soon as she took some she started feeling a little sick to her stomach. My take on tha…

  • Mable

    My new favorite strain. The high is perfect. Just a little bit of dry eye and dry mouth, to start. I’m so happy that I chased the high all the way from the first time I tried Super Sour Desiel, to Super Silver Haze, to Haze and now to this Skywalker CBD. It’s amazing, I may not want to try any other str…

  • Cristopher

    Definitely a body high. Mine lasted about 2 hours with the 1st hour being numb from my shoulders to my knees. Didn’t experience any unexpected Anxiety or paranoia during or after the high. Definitely experienced dry mouth. Got extremely sleepy about 4 hours after smoking. Overall, it’s probably a go…

  • Evalyn

    I was skeptical of this strain at first because it was advertised as a CBD strain. Eventually, I decided to try a half-quarter (woops-an eighth for most of the pot-smoking community) to help with some back pain that I’d been prescribed relaxers for that I didn’t fill. Upon lighting up my first draw…

  • Maybelle

    Great strain for daytime use for people with social anxiety issues. I personally make oil and eat it in edibles and found that 1/2 ounce will get me 100 doses but I take 2 staggered by 15 minutes and I’m good for about 3 hours or so. Very happy social high with virtually no burn out!! Love the haze …

  • Burl

    I had flower CBD version from Patriot Care. It comes with a slight passing anxiety/mental circus but not consistently. Happy feeling and alert, I like it. 👍🏻

  • Reagan

    Really disappointed with this cbd strain. For the record : upon further examination of obtained bud from my local dispensary I believe it was poorly grown. Even discovered some seeds. Nothing like tjs cbd which is the most chronic crystalline skunky packed with medicine cbd I have found yet. My medi…

  • Sherilyn

    The stain I used was 2:1 CBD. I wasn’t crazy about the taste, a bit sharp and pungent, but it wasn’t horrible either. The head effects are mild, calming but alert. The body effects took about 30 minutes to get full strength; starting by numbing my face and eventually the whole body felt relaxed and…

  • Ryan

    I’ve just recently gotten my Massachusetts medical certification but I’ve been a daily cannabis consumer for over 20 years now. I don’t have much experience with the cbd strains (or if I do I didn’t know). Really enjoyed this strain. 27% TAC with a 1:2 thc:cbd ratio. Spicy notes on the inhale with a…

  • Rema

    love this uplifting pain remedy.

  • Elissa

    Great afternoon high, I’ve have one that tastes piney and another that tastes very Tropical Fruity.

  • Kiyoko

    Love this strain. I’m more of an indica guy but this strain is good. Pine sweet smell lifts you up and puts you in good mood. Light head high that will keep you up for the day.

  • Chandra

    Body felt so relaxed, headache was gone, my back pain significantly healed. This strain is amazing and should be noticed more

  • Toshia

    Awesome find! If you enjoy sativas then you will love this strain. Great for morning, afternoon, and general day time. Scent was pungent pine and flowery. An active, buzzy cerebral high that uplifts your energy and puts you in a cheery state of being! Although at the same time it feels strangely rel…

  • Summer

    Current favorite! Light, easy on the head, makes me feel more social than usual.

  • Deadra

    This is definitely a nice dual THC/CBD strain with an almost 1:1 ratio and slightly higher CBD with the wax I got. It immediately takes any slight back pain that I usually have away and also gets me high enough to where I can still function normally but still have a fun crazy spinny head thing going…

  • Harris

    Amazing pain relief and great taste, not big yelds but average… I love it

  • Halley

    Gave me a swell of energy that slowly took over. Didn’t realize how much happier I was feeling until an hour in. Doesn’t have many cerebral effects for me.

  • Ara

    Awesome strain. Out of 2 seeds, I got a pair of incredible CBD phenos, fast and tall growth. Great daily time strain, perfect for pain relief, focusing, anti-anxiety. The only bad point is that yield is a bit less than average. Tottally worth tho and a must-have strain on my garden.

  • Noelia

    Skywalker CBD, (aka Boaty McBoatface) The strain I got was double the CBD from Tweed. Nice smell, smooth smoke, effects come on around 10-15mins later. Nice and alert, good low dose thc makes the head tingle a little but great for daytime and being social. Uplifting high and a great pain reliever. A per…

  • Danita

    Really mellow head change, great for uplifting a bad mood or energizing the body a bit. This makes my body feel so good!

  • Lissette

    This is a very good strain for treating pain. I use this during the day and it allows me to remain quite functional while providing effective pain relief and an overall relaxed feeling. I have used the high CBD/low THC phenotype of this strain and I would definitely recommend it for moderate pain re…

  • Mariam

    one of the best cbd strains yet

  • Chanell

    I’m that weed customer who buys a half gram at a time because I want to try evvvvvverything available. I’ve been looking for about a year, for a strain that will relieve anxiety and stress as well as give me a little happiness boost but will not sedate me or space me out. I’m a little sensitive to …

  • Nidia

    CBD Skywalker CBD is a pleasure to grow. It produces one of the most beautiful and sweetest smelling flowers I’ve ever grown; they’re a tropical delight. This strain works well for both SOG and SCROG techniques. It takes to topping well. I’ve used its fresh picked leaves and flowers in smoothies with gre…

  • Cecilia

    Great for nausea from chemo and anxiety

  • Gail

    I LOVE this strain!!! Smooth on the throat and lungs. Great pain reliever, too. I’ve been trying different strains to find the right ones for my conditions. I was recently diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia that is labeled the worse pain a person can ever feel. This strain has allowed me to focus, …

  • Marybeth

    This is an amazing flower. Smells sweet and fruity. Very smooth while vaping. Instant relaxation. All stress melts away.

  • Harley

    Great for my pain from rheumatoid arthritis and painfully swollen legs from venous insufficiency. Relaxing, non-distracting, peaceful product. It takes no more than a piece of a bud in a hash pipe for me for a restful night. My pain often makes getting comfortable enough to go to sleep difficult….

  • Tamala

    This strain hits fast and relaxes my body with almost no head high whatsoever. It’s great for taking off “the edge”.

  • Jina

    with this my pain levels are more relieved, this is an amazing strain!!

  • Lisandra

    Skywalker CBD is like having a nice glass of wine to relax at the end of the evening. Your mind maintains clarity, but the body relaxes throughout. Anxiety and pain melts away as you are able to maintain focus on whatever task you have at hand. The effects seem to wear off after around 2 or so.

  • Xavier

    A great daytime strain for an awaking head buzz that heals the body as well. This strain is also high in CBD which contains anti inflamatory properties that help reduce soreness from day to day activities or from hard physical work.

  • Paulette

    While the batch I have is only 3.5% THC and 12% CBD, it helps a lot more for my anxiety than a lot of other strains.

  • Genevie

    This is the best bang for your buck that you are going to get. top shelf effectiveness for a very reasonable price.

  • Stephany

    This is my number one daytime strain for fatigue, anxiety, and depression. I got this at The Kings of Canna with 16.3% CBD and 4.3% THC. Just one or two hits in the morning and the same again at lunch and I’m nicely productive during the day. No munchies, no paranoia, just clear, better energy and f…

  • Brian

    Great cbd strain, a very chill, mellow high. I love this flower for after physical therapy. Great for pain

  • Daysi

    I was looking for something, ANYTHING , to alleviate nausea from treatment and I am able to eat, keep it down AND still function!

  • Dusti

    Outstanding. I typically avoid the lower THC strains, but with the high CBD content, this flower gets a big thumbs up for relaxation, meditation and it’s fantastic for headaches.

  • Marilou

    great strain for depression, hunger depressant, and as a good replacement of caffeine with its energizing affects. This strain does offer some psychoactive effects but very mildly, you will get a pleasant relaxation throughout your body and muscles due to the CBD content. highly recommended for S…

  • Lemuel

    One of my favorites. The strain I bought had a 1-2 ratio (5.03% THC, 10.3% CBD), which I found ideal: the best effects of a mild THC high mixed with the mellow comfort of a high CBD strain.

  • Faith

    Relaxing with mild psychoactive effect

  • Margarett

    Skywalker CBD is a great strain for daytime use, with a light, uplifting buzz which helps with focus. Skywalker CBD has a strong, sweet strawberry/slightly skunky smell. The taste is similar, with a light peppery taste on the exhale. I vaporise this most days and it positively impacts my productivity at wo…

  • Kandice

    Kinda like Super Silver Haze, but light on the THC and very high on the CBD. I don’t really know what else I could ask for in a strain. Great flavor, easy to focus mentally, and massive gains in managing pain and anxiety. My go-to strain for regular, day to day life activities.

  • Selena

    I love this strain. Gets me feeling focused and clear minded. If I’m having a really strong THC high I can take it down a notch with this strain’s high CBD content – gives a more synergetic feeling to the overall high rather than an overpowering THC buzz.

  • Lionel

    Usually with higher CBD strains, I get a little bit of a feeling after doing a lot of it but it doesn’t usually seam worth it. But I keep trying them, because I’ve been wanting to find a good daytime strain that I can feel comfortable smoking/vaping anytime without getting too weird or overwhelmed. …

  • Josh

    super sweet smell. amost like mango. very clear headed, and relaxing. grounding. great for people who dont want to be overstoned. also does still give a nice little head high.

  • Marlana

    I have a low tolerance and don’t like high THC. This one is high CBD and lower THC and perfect for me.

  • Malcom

    pain relief. smokes well. would recommend.

  • Patty

    The Skywalker CBD I purchased has a 1:2 THC/CBD ratio (5.03% THC, 10.3% CBD). I found the strain very mellow, easy, relaxing.

  • Collen

    This strain was my first encounter with high CBD bud, and it probably is not the strain for me. My bud tested at about 5% THC, 11% CBD. I took my standard number of vape hits to check it out. The taste was interesting, kind of a peppery soil flavor. There was just enough of a head high to make me fe…

  • Jeniffer

    I know some people look at low thc% like it’s an exposed old man crack, but I love this strain. I got the Skywalker from Nectar on 33rd and Sandy. thc% 5.26/cbd%15.3 Sticky, crystal coated soft buds with orange hairs throughout. So fragrant! When I opened the container I thought “this smells so ri…

  • Felica

    This is one of my top 5. I’m always excited to see it on the menu, which around here (Roswell, NM) is every few months. An incredibly relaxing strain. Calms my muscle spasms and makes me remember to eat…a lot. The munchies are strong with this one.

  • Felica

    This is one of my top 5. I’m always excited to see it on the menu, which around here (Roswell, NM) is every few months. An incredibly relaxing strain. Calms my muscle spasms and makes me remember to eat…a lot. The munchies are strong with this one.

  • Emmitt

    AMAZING Strain! I’ve been dealing with stress and lack of appetite, and inability to focus was really becoming a problem. This REALLY helped with my focus, but my appetite came back STRONG! This is now one of my favorite strains for relief.

  • Yong

    Excellent for anxiety and wipes away any paranoia.

  • Earleen

    Tastes so good! Definitely had a minty/pine after taste. Took my headache away quickly.

  • Carla

    This is the first high-CBD strain that I’ve tried and it took about 3/4’s of a bowl before I really felt the relaxing effects. Keeping in mind I smoke all exclusively minimal cbd bud(0.0-1.0%) usually, this was a suprisingly delightful strain it relaxed me without putting me to sleep which is strang…

  • Gerry

    Good strain to relax and unwind with

  • Gerry

    Good strain to relax and unwind with

  • Orville

    Only found this locally once but it was clear, happy, and killed my pain. Would like to find again.

  • Sam

    Tried this strain a few times. Still adjusting the dosage. The first few times, I never felt a heady effect which was nice for me. My heart did speed up for a few minutes. A warm relaxation washed over my whole body. Pain seemed to be far off. I took the stairs 2 at a time. so far, so good.

  • Torie

    An awesome CBD Variety. Gives you the full CBD effects in a Sativa which is uncommon as CBD is usually Indica Dominant. Defiantly a strain to have in your CBD Jar!

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