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CBD 17-22% | CBC 0.2% | CBG 0.1%

○ Grown organically.

○ High cbd concentration.

○ Certified analysis (thc < 0.2%).

○ Seed registered in the EU catalogue.

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CBD Pollen is a pure and unique extract that we are very proud to be able to distribute at P&H. In collaboration with a Swiss farm near Bern, this product has been developed by collecting the pollen from the flowers and leaves of Cannabis from the Lemon Haze variety cultivated indoors.

Handcrafted and organically grown, CBD Pollen has a Cannabidiol level ranging from 17% to 22%, and is therefore considered to have a high CBD concentration.


Apparence & texture

CBD Pollen is an artisanal product obtained from the extraction of flowers and leaves of Cannabis. Its colour generally tends towards a creamy beige. However, depending on the different crops, its visual appearance can vary from light brown to darker brown. This variation in tones is characteristic of a 100% natural and exciting product!

To the touch, CBD Pollen is considered compact, although it disintegrates very easily when handled. It is easy to feel the tiny grains of Pollen settling on and between the fingers, giving the sensation of a powdery, almost sandy texture.


CBD Pollen has a light, pleasant smell. Coming from the Lemon Haze genetics, it goes without saying that it offers subtle and delicate citrus notes,

For lovers of sweet and tangy fruits, this product is made for you!


Culture & Extraction

Growing hemp flowers in Indoor conditions is undeniably an artificial method of cultivation. This is because the plants grow in a room called a ‘grow room’, of which all climatic conditions are controlled. Sunlight is replaced by technically sophisticated lighting systems tunned to the specific lighting spectrum of the plant’s needs and stages of cultivation. Air exchange is mimicked by exhaust systems and fans to give plants the carbon dioxide (CO2) they need for photosynthesis. Other factors such as water, PH, and soil nutritional requirements are also artificially managed in order to control and optimize the plant’s needs as much as possible.

At Plant&Hemp, our point of view is that the Indoor cultivation is contradictory to our values of ‘natural’ products and cultivation methods, we believe that the hemp plant should be subjected to the wild conditions of mother nature in order to not only produce healthier and more natural plants but also encouraging farming practices better for the environment from which she grows from!

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that this cultivation method remains the most effective for obtaining flowers with tenfold cannabinoid levels and we believe the growing methods of this cultivator adhere to our production standards.


The extraction of Pollen is, contrary to popular belief, totally different from that of resin because it is done in dry conditions according to the ancient oriental methods, and therefore without the slightest use of machinery such as the CO2 extractor for example.
After harvesting, the flowers and leaves are dried and placed on sieves of steel before being shaken to loosen the pollen grains (if you are allergic to these mythical microgametes, flee during this step!). This method is 100% artisanal, characteristic of the process used in the Middle East for centuries.

From there, the collected pollen is collected and compacted into blocks to create a beautiful and purely organic end product!


Lemon Haze genetics are considered predominantly Sativa-prone. This variety is characteristic and unique because its smell is subtly similar to that of citrus fruits, more particularly lemon.

Not a parent genetics, as it was discovered and obtained by crossing Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze genetics.

During the flowering period, its characteristic flowers give out lots of golden trichomes, giving the impression of a bright yellow hue or ‘sun’ colour. A simply mythical variety …



Total Cannabinoid Content

CBD 17-22% | CBC 0.2% | CBG 0.1%

THC <0.2%

The levels of CBD can vary. This is due to the fact that hemp being a plant does not precisely standardize its levels of Cannabidiol according to the different crops. Nevertheless, we assure you that the minimum rate presented will always be respected and that the THC rate will obviously be continuously lower than 0.2%, the European legal limit for hemp distribution.



Pure Organic CBD Pollen.

Total Servings

This product is hermetically sealed and sold as hemp memorabilia.


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  • Avatar

    Alice P.


    Le Pollen est tout simplement mon produit préféré dans le catalogue !!

    February 20, 2021

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  • Avatar


    High quality extract

    Tried the Pollen cause I was curious about it. The taste is very light in citrus, delicious. Effect is amazing I felt instantly really chill and calm! For sure worth it I will buy again

    February 18, 2021

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  • Avatar


    Eu amo pólen CBDDDDDDDDDDD

    Eu amo pólen CBDDDDDDDDDDD

    February 15, 2021

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  • Avatar


    Plant&Hemp pollen review

    Um amigo me fez experimentar o pólen da Plant&Hemp. Amei muito e compre agora para mim, obrigado galera o efeito é muito bom!

    February 13, 2021

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  • Avatar


    Bravo à l'équipe

    Je tiens à dire bravo pour tout. Un des meilleurs services clients que j’ai pu rencontrer. Livraison plutot rapide, et surtout qualité de produit fantastique. Pour le prix c’est tout simplement le meilleur ratio qualité trouvé jusque là! Merci les gars bravo à vous je stick!

    February 10, 2021

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  • Avatar


    good organic extract

    Pollen from P&H is a very nice CBD organic extract

    February 9, 2021

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  • Avatar



    Customer service and quality product, congrats guys! CBD Pollen blowed me away

    February 1, 2021

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  • Avatar


    super qualidade e bom preço

    super qualidade e bom preço

    January 20, 2021

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  • Avatar


    entrega rapida

    a entrega foi rapida, glovo em 30 minutos! o pólen é bom, eu misturo com o HAZE haha

    January 12, 2021

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  • Avatar


    enfin :)

    super les amis pour le pollen je l’attendais depuis un moment je suis loin d’être décuu!

    January 9, 2021

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