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  • Leaf | 2.5% CBD | Hemptech


CBD E-Liquid

Leaf | 2.5% CBD | Hemptech


  • ○ Isolate CBD from Organic hemp farm.
  • ○ Natural plant extracts.
  • ○ Contains no traces of THC.
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Medium dosage

PG/VG ratio



10ml / 0.3oz

CBD Percentage


CBD amount

250 milligrams



This product is a CBD E-liquid for vaping.

Magic is a product line developed by the French laboratory Hemptech.

Hemptech have been an approved testing laboratory and a manufacturer of CBD products for several years.

Located in the Paris area, they have developed a network to become one of the leading pioneers on the French CBD market.

They use CBD Isolate to produce their E-liquid range. CBD Isolate means that the molecule has been extracted and the final product contains only that specific cannabinoid, in this case CBD. This results in this CBD vape being totally THC free.

They showed through lab tests that the CBD isolate was less harmful for lungs than complete extracts because they did not contain any resin.

The Magic range is a simple and pure blend of a 99.2% purified CBD and natural plant extracts used as flavourings.

Leaf is made by mixing different terpenes found in hemp. Terpenes are the flavouring molecules of an organic compound. It gives a very particular earthy and fruity taste.

Commonly Used for

Relaxation, calmness, pre-sleep


Isolated CBD, Natural flavouring

Total Cannibanoid Content

250mg CBD/10ml

CBD : 2.5%

THC Free

Total Servings

About 10 full tank refills

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All products commercialized by Plant&Hemp comply with the United States and European federal laws regarding the cultivation of hemp:

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The potency or strength of a product refers to the amount of CBD in each serving or individual use.

For example a product might have 70 servings and each one of them might be ‘Medium’ in strength.

We advise anything above 35mg per serving to be strong, whereas anything between 1-15mg to be light.

Everybody is different so start on a lower dosage and see what works for you.

For more info on dosage click here. For more info on tolerance click here.

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant or Hemp plant.

Of over 480 different compounds present in the plant, only around 66 are termed cannabinoids.

The most well known among these compounds is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is another important component, which makes up about 40% of the plant resin extract.

All of the products on our platform contain under the legally required 0.2% THC cannabinoids concentration per unit.

Additional information



PG/VG ratio



CBD Percentage

CBD amount

250 milligrams

Reviews (20)

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  • Bernardo

    I now know what it’s like for cannabis to combat depression and fatigue. Sometimes I just wanna smoke weed that doesn’t make me feel like I smoked weed. I feel physically energetic, clear headed, happy and “normal.” The high CBD makes it more difficult to accidentally oversmoke and crash. No dizzies…

  • Santos

    My search for a less sleepy 1:1 is over. This is my new daytime vape. Quick onset brings body tingles and warming. Like being in a warm bath. Relaxed without feeling like you need a nap. Definitely good for pain with its moderately intense body high but clear headed enough to get stuff done. A lit…

  • Torie

    Great for pain!

  • Derick

    Really enjoyed this vape And its super light body high—great for a longer smoke/vape session as the low THC takes some time to build up. I Vaped a Pax Era cartridge after I threw out my back—def lessened the pain/took the edge off. Didn’t eliminate it though I enjoyed more the fact that I had a …

  • Consuela

    Really interesting. I like for when have to have shit together. Stuff at kids school, for example. Relaxing and really does reduce anxiety. With only minor impairment / confusion.

  • Howard

    I am a CBD fiend and this has just earned a place in my top 5 cbd vapes. Smoked lovely and easy, did what it needed to and crushed that pain without making foggy.

  • Daisy

    great pain relief vape!! I vape this heavenly chill cloud whenever I can get it in my local shops! love the high inflammation killing power!

  • Daysi

    My favorite. Gives me energy, uplifting. Keeps my head clear so I can function well.

  • Ramona

    As a medical user of cannabis, this has to be the best vape I have come across. As a very anxious person I found this vape to have immediate impact and fast relief. Hands down a daily go to for myself.

  • Edythe

    I love this vape. Gets me feeling focused and clear minded. If I’m having a really strong THC high I can take it down a notch with this vape’s high CBD content – gives a more synergetic feeling to the overall high rather than an overpowering THC buzz.

  • Lanita

    Good for pain but not to the level of what everyone is rating it. Slight body high but nothing to write home about. “OK” is an accurate overall description.

  • Ken

    this bitch is the most exsgge

  • Petronila

    This is a vape I would recommend to any PTSD patients going through a ruff PTSD episode. Or any patient thats need a quick pain relief and calm effects. This vape will stop you in your tracks totally so be prepared to navigate that if you must be out and about while on this vape.

  • Louanne

    What a wonderful full body high. Didn’t make me too tired but relaxed me completely. I was pretty focused for an indica, but really helped relax my body after a big run. Taste was quite bland and herby but the result is worth it.

  • Jerrold

    Great preroll choice. CBD with decent buzz.

  • Janett

    Tastes so good! Definitely had a minty/pine after taste. Took my headache away quickly.

  • Fatimah

    Five isn’t enough stars ✨ I cannot say enough good about CBD Banana kush. I have been searching for MY vape. This is it. This is the first and only vape that’s given me true relief from my chronic headaches. A few hits (doesn’t matter vape vs pipe vs joint vs bong) and I can start to feel sw…

  • Agustina

    Very relaxing, definitely helped me to sleep.

  • Mellissa

    The perfect night cap. I’ve recently started working out and lifting weights again and this vape helps combat the soreness in my muscles and relaxes me to the fullest. Wash away the aches and pains you may have accrued throughout the day with this vape.

  • Patty

    Maddie – “I fucking love this weed!” “It doesn’t make me that foggy, but it puts me in a good mood with no anxiety. Dunno if it helps my anxiety but don’t get high anxiety. Relaxing but not pass out in the couch.”

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