"Embraced" We Breath Art

Relaxed Focused

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Signed and numbered edition of 100
textured paper 250 gr.

Happy - nan
Focused - nan
Relaxed - nan
Sleepy - nan
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Every month across Lisbon, Portugal and the European Union our new movement – We Breathe Art – is commissioning great underground creatives to be inspired by the world of cannabis with the intent of making the world more beautiful through art.

C’Marie x Egrito:

Working together since 2014 as the multidisciplinary collective Dubio.
Recently, their practice has been mainly focused on painting murals and canvases. Their artwork is the resulting fusion of different types of languages -faces, expressions and gestures in parallel with the exploration of signs and forms.

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Prints Information

Above is your oppertunity to purchase a first edition sign copy print from the campaign. Please be warned there are only 100 prints available from every monthly P&H campaign collaborationn and we work on a stricly first come first serve for each edition of our prints.

Each print comes with a letter of authenticity and accreditation from the Artist and P&H.

Each 100 prints is hand signed by the Artist.


Project by Daniel Índias Fernandes for Plant and Hemp™
Video Director: Manuel Malveiro
Videographer: Rafael Flores
Music: Sumac by J.Pool


WE BREATHE ART with P&H. Working with Hemp and CBD to support flourishing creatives communities in the EU.

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