Choco Hash | Indoor

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  • Grown organically.
  • Seeds Registered in the EU certification catalogue.
  • Certified laboratory analysis (THC < 0.2%).
  • Grown in Switzerland.

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Choco Hash is a concentrated CBD resin extracted from varieties grown indoors. Its colour is a deep, consistent black. To the touch, this resin is soft, malleable and sticky.


Choco Hash has a characteristically strong smell. At first glance, you can smell the floral scent of hemp mixed with peppery notes. This is quickly followed by chocolate aromas, described by some as ‘almost caffeinated’.


Indoor cultivation is characterized by the growth of plants under artificial conditions. Factors such as light, humidity, PH levels and many more parameters are controlled to optimize yield and increase cannabinoid levels.

The result is usually medium to large and compact flowers with higher crystallization ratios.

The characteristic smells of flowers grown in indoor conditions are complex, subtle and elaborate.


Pure Organic CBD Resin.

Total Cannabinoid Content

CBD 20.2% | THC <0.2%

This product has not been sprayed with artificial cannabinoids to increase the percentages, click here for more info.

Total Servings

This product is hermetically sealed and sold as hemp memorabilia.

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Choco Hash




  1. Chandra

    great pain relief hash!! I vape this heavenly chill cloud whenever I can get it in my local shops! love the high inflammation killing power!

  2. Ulysses

    This hash is one of my favorite. It takes care of my back pain really well and gives me just a little high which perfect for day time use.

  3. Jayson

    An absolute life saver if you have intense menstrual cramps combined with lower back aches. seriously dulls the pain and helps you fall asleep faster.

  4. Antione

    Multitudine foarte multumesc mult!

  5. Ara

    pas vraiment de gout et effet quasi inexistant. Trop cher

  6. Sonny

    effective for nighttime pain relief and insomnia

  7. Kiyoko

    Holy crap. Used this hash for back and neck pain and it all but disappeared! ? <33

  8. Fidelia

    Good for pain management with very low intoxication. Can be used consistently with similar effect

  9. Summer

    Magnifique qualité prix et service client au top !

  10. Mariela

    Five isn’t enough stars ✨ I cannot say enough good about CBD Banana kush. I have been searching for MY hash. This is it.

  11. jessica

    Choco Hash | Indoor

  12. Oska

    Choco Hash | Indoor

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