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Cheese | Greenhouse | CBD + CBDA < 19%


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Swiss, EU





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We are pleased to introduce our new range of organic flowers from Alplant.

A Swiss supplier working 100% within organic farming practices, they develop varieties in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor.

Moreover, their seriousness made them finish 2nd at the CBD Swiss Cannabis Cup 2018/2019 edition.

The Cheese variety is grown in a greenhouse and gives flowers of medium size concentrated in crystals. Its earthy smell gives a very pronounced taste.

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– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.

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This product is intended to be used as an infusion.

THC rate < 0.2%

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Farm location

Swiss, EU





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  • Edelmira


  • Odelia

    This strain helped to achieve my goal which was to relieve pain without an intense cerebral effect. It was still relaxing and calming which also helped me to sleep. I didn’t wake up with the residual effects mimicking a hangover. Loved it!

  • Doretta

    It does what I was hoping it would ~ I can puff a good bit of it and still be functional. I feel relaxed, focused, a bit chatty but not too bad. I find that it really disperses my anxiety and I get a lot done while using this. The taste was decent, the bud was sticky – but mainly I just liked the ef…

  • Bobby

    Has become my favorite. I suffer chronic pain, migraines, depression, anxiety/panic. This stops nausea from other meds but, does what massive amounts of narcotics could not. It has brought all the above under control, yes I still suffer but it is now at a tolerable level. Asking my Dr. to wean me of…

  • Deeann

    I just tried this strain for the first time. I’m a novice and have been exploring strains to help manage symptoms of complex PTSD. This strain is an interesting experience. I have a very clear head and no trouble at all focusing. Dont really feel high but all my anxiety is gone though I feel quite e…

  • Fannie

    I’m glad I tried this strain. it relaxed my bones and eased my pain. after a hard days work. t really made me feel good without the head high.

  • Malika

    helped with my anxiety a fuck ton and made me feel like I was in the middle of a cinnamon roll

  • Zack

    I will be honest with this, I struggle with severe anxiety and panic disorder as well as insomnia and restless legs. When I am getting ready for bed I will smoke some and everything just disappears. My anxiety is gone and my legs start to relax as well. In my experience with CBD Cheese my heart rate …

  • Patria

    I got some CBD Cheese shock via Tweed Main Street here in Canada. This is the first time I’ve tried a balanced THC/CBD flower (I’m usually taking blue dream/holy grail/cotton candy). I love that I can smoke a little more than usual with CBD Cheese – I find smoking a super relaxing activity and am usua…

  • Dona

    for me this strain is a powerful pain relief with minimal head high depending on THC ratio. this will induce a sleepy effect after about 30mins, also I experienced the munchies which I great for those needed an increased appetite. this strain will definitely help with what ever ills you have.

  • Sharmaine

    Use for anxiety. This is the perfect level of euphoria that is entirely non-anxiety producing. Plenty of CBD to soothe the nerves. Not overly sedating, although it is particularly pleasant at night to wind down. Very enjoyable.

  • Shari

    Best strain I’ve EVER smoked for chronic pain! The amount of CBD is crazy high.

  • Eli

    I love this strain!! There is a definite head change and it helps with my chronic pain. I can be happy to get all my house work done and be active or change it up and relax on the couch, petting cats and jamming to some good tunes. Either way, it is a wonderful experience!

  • Vilma

    All the people that this stuff made anxious probably don’t have the same brain chemistry as I have. On it right now : don’t feel like sleeping, feel like getting things done. Yes is makes you a bit groggy at first but after 15 min it becomes a very clear and active high. It toned down almost comple…

  • Peter

    this is an ok strain not amazing for some reason it really hit my anxiety and was not good for my spinal stenosis I have talked to a few other people who love it just dapends on the person but from what other people have said the strain can be higher or lower in thc then cbd start slow and test it …

  • Lakisha

    If you’re a veteran smoker it won’t get you high but it does induce sleep very well and helps with many other issues. Has a great taste and super smooth smoke.

  • Eldridge

    Love this for before bed

  • Cleta

    This is by far one of my favourites . As a a person with high anxiety and pretty sensitive to thc .. this one sure does the trick . It’s a super relaxing high with a really mellow feel . Mainly a body feeling with little cerebral effects. I never noticed any sort of anxiety while on it and it’s ev…

  • Reyes

    After my years of indulgence, I decided to take a different route and smoke for healing. Over the past 2 years I have had muscle and joint pain due to previous athletic injuries. The CBD Cheese has been a great alternative to pills. It helps with muscle flare ups and really relaxes the body. Nice ch…

  • Marcia

    This is by far my favorite strain, I love that I can medicate without the heavy psychoactive effect. I have a very low tolerance so this strain definitely fits the bill.

  • Mina

    I have this in a vape cartridge and its one component of my ‘go to’ when having very bad day and just need to relax, unwind, or to clear a nasty headache. Usually take 1-2 draws of this with 1-2 more draws of 9lb hammer after about 30 mins.. excellent body high and moderate head high. I love the war…

  • Patrica

    This strain has pretty much saved me over and over. I have experienced migraines for almost 8 years now. I’ve tried every over the counter medication around and if they did work the side effects were absolutely awful. I also get cramps to the point of puking and having to miss work. Since I’ve start…

  • Bernardo

    After struggling with chronic migraines for most of my life, coming across this strain has saved me. It’s body high takes away the pain without making me feel like a couch potato.

  • Jong

    Awesome pain relief and not too high.

  • Almeta

    I use it for chronic pain associated with Endometriosis and ovarian cysts; I also have anxiety to watch out for. I really like this strain – goes down smooth and I smoke it almost every morning before work because it GREATLY reduces my pain but keeps me focused and clearheaded.

  • Joelle

    I like really the CBD Cheese for nice mild high. I did get a little anxious about smoking it so made me a little anxious after about four hits of a joint but 10 or 15 minutes later I got a nice buzz but clear headed can still think and function normally. High THC strains make me have really bad panic…

  • Arnold

    If this had an option for 10 stars, I’d choose 50. Do I like this strain? Hell ya! I’m experimenting again because I’ve learned that the same strain does not always work the same way it did the day before. So I went and ordered five grams of this to try and I am so happy I did. I have Complex PTSD,…

  • Pearle

    Lovely strain would recommend for day time use. I do get panic attacks when i smoke high thc strains but not with this. Smoked 2 bowls and felt a blanket of euphoria over me. 5/5

  • Mohammed

    My favorite strain to medicate with. Keeps me calm, gives me relief from anxiety, tastes great, and does not get me stoned.

  • Babara

    out of all the strains I’ve grown this is the one I prefer easy to grow mine got over 6feet very good smell i got my clones from ROSE CITY OREGANICS WELLNESS CENTER located in portland Oregon and it’s called blue shark there this strain has made a fan out of everyone I’ve smoke a joint then went to …

  • Latosha

    I’ve smoked off and on since my late teens and never seemed to really find a strain I enjoyed. I have had life long obsessive compulsive, ADHD, impulsive and anxious tendencies. This stuff has been amazing. I’ve wanted to smoke but never found something that didn’t make me crazy. I’ve been smoking…

  • Devon

    I got this from Starbuds Kelowna. I’m a very big fan of this strain! In combination with my pharma meds, this stuff knocks out my nerve pain completely. It’s also extremely potent; about 0.75g knocked me flat on my @$$ and couchlocked me. I can see this being used recreationally for those who want a…

  • Lorenza

    Really impressed, the near one to one ratio with THC gives it an anxiety free high that is also very stoney. Definitely got a solid body buzz off this one. The oil concentrate I tried had an herby and earthy taste to it.

  • Warren

    Love it! Barneys farm shop version . Strong body high and mild head high, you will get “stoned” if you smoke enough of it.

  • Louanne

    This was one of the first strains I ever picked up. Was not a cannabis consumer until a friend suggested it as a way to help with anxiety and for body aches and pains. This was my go-to strain for pain-relief. Since the beginning I used a vape for consumption and found this strain nice and easy …

  • Jacinda

    really did improve my anxiety. Due to parental issues, i didnt smoke a lot of weed at home and causious when smoking weed in general. i finally was able to get everything i needed to smoke at home without any notice (gpen, smoke buddy, smell proof stuff and good hiding spots) and have been able to s…

  • Maurita

    I got very little if any of a high, but I could definitely feel my anxiety leave and a calmness come over me. I get most of my stuff from CC and its $14/g if I could afford it i would smoke this every day.

  • Eugenia

    Relief plus giggles! Very nice balance– the THC content is definitely high enough to feel, but not stupefying. I felt clear, light, and cheerful.

  • Wayne

    Used syringe concentrate.. worked well to reduce aches but not very helpful with sleep. Concentrate was difficult to use and $90 for a month supply. More like 3 weeks.

  • Kevin

    Got my CBD Cheese seeds from Barney’s Seed Bank of Amsterdam. Sticky medium sized buds. Smells of kush and blueberry. Tastes pungent and has slight berry taste. Very good for pain, sleep problems, anxiety, nervousness. A must have for every medicine cabinet. 5/5

  • Ardath

    Amazing bud. Smells fruity and has purple hue buds along with dark green buds. It smells fruity and very Indica smelling. Great for pain and anxiety. Also sleep. I love the THC to CBD ratio. 5/5

  • Thao

    great flavour, true indica type body effect. Levelled off anxiety symptoms without being dazed.

  • Weston

    Super relaxing, focused but dizzy, I like to put a dash of keif in my vaporizer with this, kicks it up a little 😆

  • Regena

    The CBD Cheese I purchased was more of a sativa than an indica. It is a pretty effective strain for pain relief and relaxation. Not much of a cerebral “high” but more of that spacey, tingly feeling. I found there is a bit of burn out and dizziness with this strain. Overall a reasonable good strain b…

  • Javier

    Enjoyable strain, sweet and earthy smell with some berries mixed in. Smoke was fairly harsh but was probably caused by its low humidity level. Overall it was a well balanced strain which was very relaxing and kept me focused. I would recommend this for its good medicated state and very minimal head …

  • Eva

    As someone who has a low tolerance for thc, this strain is perfect for me. I do not enjoy feeling stoned, and this strain offers a mild level of intoxication that is clear-headed. It relieves my aches and pains, melts away the stress, leaving me with a relaxed and happy sleepy feeling. I can smoke t…

  • Antony

    Just smoked a little of this. I like it so far. It is a indica dominant hybrid so it does give a mellow indica type high but nothing too strong. The high is light and comfortable. Nice body buzz too. It’s making me a little tired so maybe this is best used as a evening or night strain. If your looki…

  • Chun

    no time warp, excellent pain control, zero anxiety. better than critical mass in my opinion.

  • Latrina

    I’m still growing it, but I can see that is a well made strain, all the plants look a like. which means that the breeders did a good job.

  • Maida

    Not enough pain relief, and short term psychoactive effect. Slightly uncomfortable high.

  • Sheree

    Theme: cognitive dissonance. I want to love it. I feel the CBD and clarity. But, it’s tastes like shit! I will buy it again, but only smoke it mixed with something more palatable.

  • Phyliss

    Sleep: Great Sex: N/A Positive side effects: Cleared up a headache that was lingering since I woke up. Cheers! Negative side effects: Did not last as long as I’d like. Not the easiest to inhale. Reaction: Smoke it? Chill out? 60 per quarter

  • Carl

    I love this strain. Got it from overseas into my little ol’ country half way across the world after reading past reviews on this site. All the reviewers were spot on with this strain. I get zero paranoia which is awesome. It treats my stress as its very relaxing, its not a full couch lock buzz tho. …

  • Candis

    Albeit fragrant and a pleasant smoke; this CBD CBD Cheese brings many benefits; namely for Anxiety and pain. I smoke this at night and I feel relaxed, not anxious, not caring too much about any sort of worry; and best of yet, I feel it having effects on my leg. I suffer from DVT and muscle pain. Thi…

  • Kallie

    The description for this strain is spot on; it’s helped curb my depression, back/foot pain, and in higher doses my anxiety. The flavor takes some getting used to (for me, anyway) but I believe this will probably be my regular all day strain from now on. The one I picked up has a 2:1 ratio of CBD/THC…

  • Franklin

    This strain is a mellow relaxed little lift that eases some of my pain and inflammation. I love finding CBD rich strains that help me get through the work day! This one is a keeper 🙂

  • Reiko

    Amazing body buzz without making you feel too high.

  • Verna

    Really enjoyed it. Love the levels. Like Critical Mass, yet different.

  • Karla

    I really like this. It gave me a very mild buzz and left me completely functional. Anxiety gone. Also helped with nausea.

  • Sherlene

    Tastes like cherry cough syrup, very clear headed

  • Diann


  • Marcy

    CBD Cheese calms my nerves without becoming stoned. I’m not sure if it helps with my insomnia but it does the trick. I prefer the stronger ones like Skywalker Kush, Romulan or OG Kush for insominia. I find CBD Cheese a great strain for day use when I want to function and socialize with my family witho…

  • Lisabeth

    I just love it, have been smoking daily for over 20 year and I find the calm effect of CBD/THC together to be very pleasant. ( probably due to growing up with Moroccan hash, which is very high in CBD and THC. )You don’t get “super stoned” but neither do I want to be. I am a grown person, I have sh…

  • Lanell

    I really enjoyed the CBD Cheese Hash I’ve been getting. It’s great for calming down before bed.

  • Tyson

    This is one of my favorite strains of CBD.. It relaxes me after a long day on my feet.

  • Faith

    One of the more enjoyable high-CBD strains. Sedative sensations develop all over, particularly in belly. Don’t feel brain haze, but definite mellowness. My thinking is very zen: steady, deliberate, and content. Suggested spiritual practice to try with this strain: chanting. Definitely chanting or r…

  • Domenica

    Awesome strain,very floral in taste. Anxiety and pain melts away. This strain also makes one very hungry. Great for unwinding or even during the workday as it relaxes the body but doesn’t leave you too tired. Very high in CBD strain.

  • Ezra

    out of all the strains I’ve grown this is the one I prefer easy to grow mine got over 6feet very good smell i got my clones from ROSE CITY OREGANICS WELLNESS CENTER located in portland Oregon and it’s called CBD Cheese there this strain has made a fan out of everyone I’ve smoke a joint then went to …

  • Karlene

    I love this strain I grew it on my last batch it’s now the only strain I do it got big heavy buds & a smell that would get compliments from every dispensary & me & everyone else found that when we smoked it helps with the pain relief quicker than other stuff & last for a while it’s …

  • Vincent

    Amazing body high, and still able to function. Perfect for a great nights sleep!

  • Janiece

    My first medical strain and I am in love. I used to use cannabis for anxiety and insomnia. Unfortunately as the years have gone on, many strains exacerbate both conditions, but not good ole’ CBD Cheese. It has the exact opposite effect, and the one I originally turned to cannabis for. My general, low…

  • Maryanna

    Quickly becoming one of my favorite strains. I’m a medical user only and don’t like a strong head high. This strain has just the right amount of THC and CBD combined. I get a nice relaxed feeling. All migraine pain gone and no real head high. Doesn’t really make me sleepy, but doesn’t make me too al…

  • Keturah

    We have grown it as a novice and did well. Nice big flowers and no pest or other issues. It really helped my son with nausea from chemo and reduced seizures (due to brain damage from brain cancer) significantly. My only issue was that it put him to bed (couch lock) when he needed to be up and fighti…

  • Ernie

    Being that this strain has a 50/50 ratio of CBD to THC, you won’t get much of a high. You will, however, experience relaxation and pain relief. Personally, I do not want to get high EVERY night, so on those nights I’ll smoke some CBD Cheese and still feel relaxed with minimal head high.

  • Mellissa

    Migraine pain 4; nausea 8 when I medicated round 0330 or so. I could not sleep las nite due to my increased anxiety symptoms. Takes bout 10 min to start working. Pain gone; nausea all but gone. Meds tend to work a lil less when I’m having anxiety issues as I was yesterday. This strain worked a lot b…

  • Lanita

    Migraine pain 5-6; nausea 6-7 when I medicated round 1130 or so. Takes bout 5 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. Body high helped me git my day goin. Head high moderate but even (not overwhelming). Ate eggs & spinach after medicating. No anxiety/paranoia (a must for me). Highly recommend fo…

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