CBD PEDAÇO DO CÉU | 5x20mg | VEGAN & Gluten Free

Sleepy Energizing

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○ Organic and Artisanal

○ 5 units | 50mg CBD each

○ Reusable packaging made from Hemp bioplastic

○ Collab artist of the month: CMarie

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Each box contains 5 Pedaço Do Céu 

Each Pedaço Do Céu contains 20mg of CBD

Total of 100mg CBD per jar

“Pieces of heaven” is what we’ve called these peanut butter fudge squares and people are loving the name just as much as the delicious treats themselves.


With 20mg of CBD in each square, we think we’ve found the perfect balance for those who want to dip their toes into the world of CBD for the first time.

From the delicious organic peanuts to the homemade fudge, we know you’re going to go wild for these amazing pieces of heaven.





Each square contains 20mg, the perfect amount to experience CBD for the first time.

Each box contains five squares making the total box content 100mg of CBD.

We recommend starting with half a Pedaço Do Céu to experience the effects of CBD. Increase the dose if necessary.


Apparence & texture

The appearance of these squares can seem a bit oily as the fudge naturally sweats, as unsexy as that sounds this is because they are made using only organic, vegan ingredients that contain no additives and no preservatives.

What looks potentially unsexy for the eyes is very sexy for your belly!

The texture of these little pieces of heaven is that of fudge, the dark chocolate melts in your mouth expediently followed by lovely hard chunks of organic fresh peanuts. You’ve never eaten chocolate fudge this good

…the way it’s supposed to be.

Each unit contains a paper wrapper to remove before eating!



Peanut butter is a smell very few children should ever go without. That is unless you’ve got a peanut butter allergy.

These treats will send you back to your first jar of peanut butter or even better yet your first chocolate bar.

The ingredients are so fresh when you open your first box of these delicious treats you’ll know exactly what we mean!



Dairy-free chocolate 60%
Peanutbutter/Pasta de amendoim
Roasted peanuts/Amendoim torrado


Total Cannabinoid Content

CBD 100mg per box | 20mg per unit | 0.0% THC

Legal details

The cakes sold by P&H are made and produced independently by a third-party culinary Masterchef.

We purchase these products and repackage them but do not produce them.

The CBD inside the edibles range is produced using a “novel food license pending CBD distillate” a current requirement for any edibles products sold inside the EU.

Certificates can be readily supplied from our third-party producer upon request.

These products contain 0.0% THC.

Total Servings

This product is hermetically sealed and sold as hemp memorabilia.


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