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○ 500mg CBD | 10ml bottle | 5% |

○ EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

○ Certified analysis (thc < 0.2%).

○ Seed registered in the EU catalogue.

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Plant & Hemp adds to its range a hemp oil formula enriched with CBD (Cannabidiol).

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil utilizes a potent full-plant hemp extract. This oil contains 500mg of CBD with additional beneficial active compounds such as CBDa, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, THC and natural terpenes.

Each bottle contains 10ml of CBD oil.



Industrial Hemp Extract (500mg CBD), Cold pressed hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) seed oil, natural terpenes and antioxidants.


Direction of use

Place 2 to 3 drops under your tongue, hold it for 20-30 seconds and swallow. Adjust dose as needed, individual results may vary.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


Total Cannabinoid Content


CBD 5,38% | CBC 0.20% | CBG 0.16% | 

THC <0.2%


Additional information

At Plant&Hemp, we offer a range of Full Spectrum CBD & CBG Oils, containing all of the natural and beneficial cannabinoids (CBDa, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBDV, THC) and natural terpenes from the industrial hemp plant. The other industrial hemp compounds offer beneficial elements such as phytocannabinoids, terpenes, proteins, fiber, fatty acids and essential vitamins, triggering the Entourage Effect, the benefit of multiple compounds working together.

With all the major and minor cannabinoids and terpenes working synergistically, the user may experience a greater positive effect than when taking CBD alone as an isolated molecule.


Because of Full Spectrum Oil’s natural extraction, gentle processing and refinement, there are only trace amounts of THC left in our products. During the extraction & purification process for this premium ingredients, we use proprietary technology that preserves terpenes and plant lipids while eliminating unwanted THC, chlorophyll and waxes.

Through stringent quality control, we ensure that all our Full Spectrum ingredients have critical attributes, taste, color, potency, and purity that will consistently meet the highest standards and satisfy our customers requirements.



All our Oils are derived from EU certified genetics and produced in Europe.

As a registered Food Business Operator, we strictly complies with food-grade manufacturing
practices and requirements, guaranteeing that all finished products and ingredients are produced in a
manner consistent with food products. All products and ingredients comply with the Food Safety
Management System according to the requirements of ISO 2200:2018.

In addition, EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification ensures that P&H oils are manufactured under specified conditions of hygiene, and with proper documentation for all ingredients, processes, distribution and packaging.



Total Servings

This product is hermetically sealed and sold as hemp memorabilia.


Shipping & Delivery



Payment method accepted:

Credit / debit card
Cash on delivery
Bank transfer
MBWay (Portugal)

Thanks to our dedicated logistics team and our trusted partnerships with our carriers, we are able to ship your order the same day. Upon shipment, you will receive your tracking number at the email address you provided us. This will allow you to track your package step by step to your destination! Your tracking information will also be available in real-time in your customer area, directly on our Plant&Hemp platform. Couriers are able to make deliveries from Monday to Friday.

Estimated delivery time: 1-2 working days.


Our customer service is fully available to answer all your questions:


10am – 9pm.


Directly on our Plant & Hemp platform via the live chat at the bottom of your screen



Whatsapp: +33 (0) 6 95 57 09 70


3 reviews for CBD OIL | 5%

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    Neil O

    Absolutely love this low percentage oil as I can just take it during work when things are getting a bit overwhelming and it doesn’t fog my brain in any way.

    April 26, 2021

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  • Avatar

    Rafaela Almeida

    Adoro usar o óleo nos meus smoothies da manhã, deixa-me com boa disposição o dia todo! Nada pesado, suficiente para um dia relaxado de trabalho(:

    March 31, 2021

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  • Avatar

    Ju B

    Super chill para por no sumo durante o pequeno almoço para ter um dia mais relaxado mas, ao mesmo tempo, não muda a moral

    March 15, 2021

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