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○ Organic agriculture.

○ Certified analysis (thc < 0.2%).

○ Seed registered in the EU catalogue.

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Plant&Hemp CBD Oil is a simple blend of two high-quality organic oils!

The basis of this product is a hemp oil extracted from the seeds of the plant. Using a cold extraction method, the oil contains many fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins and minerals noted to have many potential holistic benefits!

However, hemp seed oil alone do not contain cannabinoids. This is why it has been mixed with oil extracted from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant.

CBD oil mixed with hemp seed oil is extracted using a clean technical process that does not degrade cannabinoids and does not use any solvents or other harmful materials. This oil is a concentrate from flowers and leaves and many other parts of the plant containing CBD!

Indeed, this oil contains a large number of other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBV, CBG noted for having properties similar to CBD, but above all allowing the CBD to act in synergy with other compounds. This oil is rich in various cannabinoids and therefore achieves the label Full Spectrum!


Plant&Hemp CBD Oil is a blend of two hemp oils extracted from the seeds, flowers and leaves.

The aroma of this oil is naturally reminiscent of the traditional hemp plant fragrances, earthy and floral.


Plant&Hemp CBD Oil is a blend of two hemp oils extracted from the seeds, flowers and leaves.

The aroma of this oil is naturally reminiscent of the traditional hemp plant fragrances, earthy and floral.



Plant&Hemp CBD Oil comes from the extraction of organic hemp plants grown in Indoor and Greenhouse conditions. The Hemp plants are a mix of Swiss and Spanish farms.

Greenhouse culture is characterised by the growth of plants in outdoor conditions but protected by greenhouses. Factors such as humidity, pH levels and many other parameters can therefore be controlled more easily in order to be able to give the plant what it needs and to protect it from adverse climatic conditions for its growth.

Indoor cultivation is characterized by the growth of plants under artificial conditions. Factors such as light, humidity, PH levels and many more parameters are controlled to optimize yield and increase cannabinoid levels.




Total Cannabinoid Content

CBD 10% | CBC 0.17% | CBG 0.09% | THC 0.16%

THC <0.2%

The levels of CBD can vary. This is due to the fact that hemp being a plant does not precisely standardize its levels of Cannabidiol according to the different crops. Nevertheless, we assure you that the minimum rate presented will always be respected and that the THC rate will obviously be continuously lower than 0.2%, the European legal limit for hemp distribution.



Pure Organic CBD Oil, Pure organic hemp seed oil. 

Total Servings

This product is hermetically sealed and sold as hemp memorabilia.


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