Carmagnola | Outdoor

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  • Grown organically.
  • Seeds Registered in the EU certification catalogue.
  • Certified laboratory analysis (THC < 0.2%).
  • Grown in Switzerland.

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Carmagnola flowers are medium and large in size, sometimes even very large, which is impressive and certainly unique for a variety grown in outdoor conditions. The color is dark green.

At first glance It’s leaf density is apparent, which is to be expected from flowers of this size. The buds have a balanced texture, between cottony and compact. The resin rate is rather low while its pollen rate is concentrated and abundant!


Carmagnola has a distinctive smell that is representative of a variety grown in outdoor conditions. These three adjectives sumaries this perfectly: floral, earthy, and strong. 

Hemp memorabilia lovers love it while some new collectors may find it a bit rough.


Outdoor cultivation is characterized by plants grown in natural light and soil.

The result are flowers that are generally small and medium in size, rather leafy and with an average pollen and crystallization rate. To the touch, the flowers are generally cottony. The characteristic scent of flowers cultivated in outdoor conditions is earthy and floral.


Pure Organic CBD Dry Flower.

Total Cannabinoid Contents

CBDA 6.3% | CBD 0.07% | CBN 0.01% | THC 0.14%

This product has not been sprayed with artificial cannabinoids to increase the percentages, click here for more info.

Total Servings

This product is hermetically sealed and sold as hemp memorabilia.

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    Carmagnola | Outdoor

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