California Dream | Indoor

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  • Grown organically.
  • Seeds Registered in the EU certification catalogue.
  • Certified laboratory analysis (THC < 0.2%).
  • Grown in Switzerland.

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California Dream’s flowers are medium in size, but can vary from small to very large! Its colour is a beautiful, light green, with a noticeable amount of red pistils throughout the exterior of the flower’s structure.

To the touch, the flowers are very compact, almost giving the impression that they are crystallized. The pollen and resin levels are well balanced. The leaf to flower ratio is zero, making this strain an absolute beauty for the eyes.


In terms of aroma, California Dream is one of the most impressive and extraordinary strains we have been able to offer so far. These sentiments are mirrored by the Plant&Hemp team as well as many of the lucky community members who have already been able to have these flowers in their hands.

Where some flowers have light notes of fruit, California Dream is quite simply a complete bouquet. Strawberry, citrus, mango, the richness and finesse of its aromas will leave you moved and excited.


Indoor cultivation is characterized by the growth of plants under artificial conditions. Factors such as light, humidity, PH levels and many more parameters are controlled to optimize yield and increase cannabinoid levels.

The result is usually medium to large and compact flowers with higher crystallization ratios.

The characteristic smells of flowers grown in indoor conditions are complex, subtle and elaborate.


Pure Organic CBD Dry Flower.

Total Cannabinoid Content

CBD 3.6% | CBC 0.21% | CBG 0.06% | THC 0.17%

This product has not been sprayed with artificial cannabinoids to increase the percentages, click here for more info.

Total Servings

This product is hermetically sealed and sold as hemp memorabilia.

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California Dream




  1. Brynn

    An absolute life saver if you have intense menstrual cramps combined with lower back aches. seriously dulls the pain and helps you fall asleep faster.

  2. Kiesha

    The perfect night cap. I’ve recently started working out and lifting weights again and this strain helps combat the soreness in my muscles and relaxes me to the fullest. Wash away the aches and pains you may have accrued throughout the day with this strain.

  3. vreyro linomit

    commandé cette variet il y a une semaine, me revoila sur le site plant&hemp, qualité incroyable customer service au top!! 🙂

  4. Marcie

    Holy crap. Used this strain for back and neck pain and it all but disappeared! ?

  5. Margarett

    great pain relief strain!! I vape this heavenly chill cloud whenever I can get it in my local shops! love the high inflammation killing power!

  6. Antwan

    What a wonderful full body high. Didn’t make me too tired but relaxed me completely.

  7. Rema

    This is a strain I would recommend to any PTSD patients going through a ruff PTSD episode. Or any patient thats need a quick pain relief and calm effects. This strain will stop you in your tracks totally so be prepared to navigate that if you must be out and about while on this strain.

  8. Monroe

    Good for pain management with very low intoxication. Can be used consistently with similar effect. Taste a bit earthy by the way

  9. Beverley

    California Dream | Indoor

  10. Oska

    California Dream | Indoor

  11. charlie

    What an incredible flower! I <3 you guys toooooo much. Keep up the good work California Dream | Indoor

  12. Oska

    California Dream California Dream California Dream California Dream California Dream California Dream

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