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Banana Kush | Indoor | CBD + CBDA < 22%


Certified 100% organic and natural flowers

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Swiss, EU




Banana Kush

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We are pleased to introduce our new range of organic flowers from Alplant.

A Swiss supplier working 100% within organic farming practices, they develop varieties in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor.

Moreover, their dedication to quality made them finish 2nd at the CBD Swiss Cannabis Cup 2018/2019 edition.

The Banana Kush variety is grown indoor and gives large cottony flowers. Its fruity smell and taste suggests a subtitles of Banana.

“Simply incredible”…

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All products are marketed with the certification of the laboratory analysis in accordance with the European legislation.

All products commercialized by Plant&Hemp comply with the European laws regarding the cultivation of hemp:

– The European Regulation-Delegate-n.-639-2014;

– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.

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This product is intended to be used as an infusion.

THC rate < 0.2%

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Farm location

Swiss, EU




Banana Kush

CBD percentage


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  • Juliane

    Strong medicine without an overwhelming high. CBD Banana kush from my dispensary is 5.1% THC and 7.7% CBD. Strong medicine that really works well without the scary side effects of pharmaceuticals. Works well to reduce muscle spasms and will allow for a peaceful night if rest for body and mind. …

  • Latanya

    great pain relief strain!! I vape this heavenly chill cloud whenever I can get it in my local shops! love the high inflammation killing power!

  • Glennis

    This strain is one of my favorite. It takes care of my back pain really well and gives me just a little high which perfect for day time use. The body and mind feel relaxed, but not so much that you can’t be productive. Definitely recommend it for pain and stress management, and low tolerance/inexper…

  • Johanne

    I’ve been microdosing myself with this strain for three months by baking and putting into capsules. I am now off all previous mental prescriptions; Clonazepam, Adderal, Prozac. It even has impacted my taste for alcohol; I’m not feeling as dependent on it anymore. I’m exercising more, eating better, …

  • Song

    My favorite. Gives me energy, uplifting. Keeps my head clear so I can function well.

  • Homer

    Cbd Banana kush. alot to say about this strain. i will list what i got percentage wise. thc:7.2% cbd13.2% seeing how the thc was low and cbd was high i decided to swing by my local dispensary here in salem oregon. picked up 8g’s for $20. $3 a gram. and its not even poor quality weed. great deal, w…

  • Loren

    An absolute life saver if you have intense menstrual cramps combined with lower back aches. seriously dulls the pain and helps you fall asleep faster.

  • Agustina

    As a medical user of cannabis, this has to be the best strain I have come across. As a very anxious person I found this flower to have immediate impact and fast relief. Hands down a daily go to for myself.

  • Lilli

    This strain is a true medical dream for me. I suffer with IBS/GI issues that have me running to the bathroom frequently immediately after eating. This strain stops this completely unlike any other strain I have tried. It provides immediate relief from the muscle spasms, cramping, bloating and pain…

  • Darwin

    Very chill high

  • Jerald

    As someone who deals with both anxiety and insomnia, as well as a low tolerance, this strain worked well for me. I take a CBD-only oil during the day and typically will smoke an indica in the evening before bed. It’s challenging to find an indica dominant CBD strain (I don’t fare well with sativas),…

  • Kymberly

    So far my favorite CBD strain, about 2:1 fir this batch. Fir some reason I don’t respond typically to CBD strains and crash with drowsiness fir an hour or two after taking it. Often I’m already tired at this point but even if fresh it happens. The good effects last for about 16 hours, mellow and a …

  • Naida

    Very gentle high. It isn’t necessarily going to rock your world. That being said, it is a very mellow high, melts away depression and anxiety quickly. Also was very effective for aches and pains.

  • Guadalupe

    This strain is my absolute favorite!

  • Manuel

    Very effective CBD. Nice indica feel with no anxiety or “up” feeling. Works on Chronic pain, anxiety, muscle tension, sleep. Best CBD 1:1 I’ve found so far.

  • Lean

    Very effective for nighttime pain relief and insomnia!

  • Shin

    Holy crap. Used this strain for back and neck pain and it all but disappeared! 😍

  • Ashlee

    This is a strain I would recommend to any PTSD patients going through a ruff PTSD episode. Or any patient thats need a quick pain relief and calm effects. This strain will stop you in your tracks totally so be prepared to navigate that if you must be out and about while on this strain.

  • Bee

    What a wonderful full body high. Didn’t make me too tired but relaxed me completely. I was pretty focused for an indica, but really helped relax my body after a big run. Taste was quite bland and herby but the result is worth it.

  • Lakisha

    Super nice, chill strain, delicious strain. The vape hit is a super smooth a tasty lemon cake flavor. It’s got enough THC it is going to give you a nice high, but it’s really mellow and relaxing. At first it makes me a bit talkative as it eases my social anxiety, but then as the high continues it st…

  • Molly

    Excellent for pain management with very low intoxication. Can be used consistently with similar effect

  • Shawanda

    Wow, just wow. I’ve never been the kind of stoner to go after a CBD heavy strain, but my girlfriend got a gram of this and I rolled a backwoods with that AND another gram of Holy Grail Kush.. Holy shit I was blown away. Flavor was fucking A1 and the high was great. My idea was to combine a CBD heavy…

  • Ramona

    Cbd Banana kush has eliminated my anxiety, and has a nice mild high that puts me in a relaxed positive place. The flavour profile is amazing! Delicious weed with an amazing positive vibe. My new favourite.

  • Tiera

    I’m a beginner smoker and in my everyday life I do not have anxiety or panic attacks but every strain I’ve smoked so far in the indica family has given me anxiety and major panic attacks. After smoking CBD Banana kush this is the first time I’ve ever been able to relax with no anxiety or panic att…

  • Elene

    Five isn’t enough stars ✨ I cannot say enough good about CBD Banana kush. I have been searching for MY strain. This is it. This is the first and only strain that’s given me true relief from my chronic headaches. A few hits (doesn’t matter vape vs pipe vs joint vs bong) and I can start to feel sw…

  • Drew

    Very relaxing, definitely helped me to sleep.

  • Tyson

    I so far smoke one bowl out of my pipe and I feel great😃 it helps my muscle spasms, anxiety, stress, etc. I like how this strain has a body high effect to it, I also usually have a nausea problem every morning for some reason but smoking this strain helps it all.

  • Tajuana

    The perfect night cap. I’ve recently started working out and lifting weights again and this strain helps combat the soreness in my muscles and relaxes me to the fullest. Wash away the aches and pains you may have accrued throughout the day with this strain.

  • Livia

    I really enjoy this strain. I was worried about the 1:1 ratio because I don’t do well with THC, but this is fine. Relaxing, but not locking. Significant mood uplift too. Fine to try day or night. Does a good job treating my Rheumatoid Arthritis and quieting my anxiety. Daytime use helps me get chore…

  • Santos

    My CBD Banana kush is coming in at 7.4% THC and 15.1% CBD…I’ve smoked half of blunt so far and I might be writing this review prematurely since I’m not yet getting a good read of the high. It doesn’t feel as heavy of an Indica as I was expecting, but then again I need like a pure 100% indica. It…

  • Velia

    This is mild, but made me relaxed without feeling too sleepy. It is good for headaches and period cramps.

  • Terresa

    I find this strain alone for a cbd strain isn’t amazing I recommend “Trident” a little more i find if i mix this strain with a small amount of gorilla glue #4 they work very well together for my back pain

  • Colene

    I ran into this strain after trying many others that weren’t working so well for me. All I can say is that after 3 small hits I have a smile on my face that the Rock himself wouldn’t be able to slap offa me!! I mean wow, chills down my spine, like I just did something seriously wrong and got away …

  • Jeffery

    I tried this strain for the first time tonight and it’s outstanding. This one’s going to become a mainstay of my pain control. It vanquishes my chronic pain 100%, which doesn’t usually happen for me. It has a smooth flavor and smells beautifully pungent. And it has me in such a lovely serene headspa…

  • Jodee

    This takes care of the pain aggravated by tense muscles. Relaxing, a little trippy, but then it settles down and the pain goes away. Used a vape stick for rosin. The dispensary ran out and I am carefully managing what I have left because it works. From what I’ve read about Banana kush, it’s parent…

  • Aretha

    1 to 1 ratio not bad not great

  • Derick

    This is a very relaxing, mellow strain. I dry herb vape it before bed and develop a pleasant body high and meandering thoughts that lead me gently down into sleep.

  • Charlie Kitchen


  • Georgianna

    This strain should be famous. I picked some up at Farma in Portland. If you like CBD you have to try this. It’s hard to find CBD weed that leans Indica, which this one does. Extremely (seriously) well rounded full body high that makes me think there must be something very special going on with the c…

  • Patti

    dabbing some Banana kush extract by Root Down a grower in Washington State. thca:45 cbd:18 and terps:8.5 great taste, smooth smoke. my partner (suffers chronic pain) loves it as the night night dab, I’ll use it before stressful or tense situations. I always buy this when I see it and always try …

  • Melania

    Love this bud, really mellow high. Felt very relaxed and at ease after smoking bowl.

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