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  • Amnesia | Greenhouse Grow <span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>SOLD OUT</strong></span>
  • Amnesia 4
  • Amnesia 5
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  • Amnesia | Greenhouse Grow <span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>SOLD OUT</strong></span>
  • Amnesia 4
  • Amnesia 5
  • Amnesia 1
  • Amnesia 2


Natural CBD Flower

Amnesia | Greenhouse Grow SOLD OUT


  • ○ Grown organically.
  • ○ Seeds Registered in the EU certification catalogue.
  • ○ Certified laboratory analysis (THC < 0.2%).
  • ○ Grown in Switzerland.
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Farm location

Swiss, EU





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We are pleased to introduce this famous strain of “Amnesiaorganic CBD flower from Alplant.

A Swiss supplier working 100% with organic farming practices, they’ve developed varied strains in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor conditions.

Their attention to detail and commitment to quality placed them 2nd at the CBD Swiss Cannabis Cup 2018/2019 edition.

This Amnesia Greenhouse variety is a very well balanced strain, with medium-sized buds and fruity light flavours, “perfect for daily use”.

Commonly Used for

Relaxation, calmness, pre-sleep


Pure CBD Dry Flower

Total Cannibanoid Content

CBD 5.5%, CBC 0.2%, CBG 0.16% THC < 0.2%

Total Servings

This product is hermetically sealed and sold as hemp memorabilia

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Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant or Hemp plant.

Of over 480 different compounds present in the plant, only around 66 are termed cannabinoids.

The most well known among these compounds is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is another important component, which makes up about 40% of the plant resin extract.

All of the products on our platform contain under the legally required 0.2% THC cannabinoids concentration per unit.

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Farm location

Swiss, EU





Reviews (55)

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  • Lourie

    I’ve been using Gelato CBD for rheumatoid arthritis. For me it causes a euphoric body high (new experience after only using THC). Listening to music with my feet up or going for a run feels fantastic, easy, and painless. Perfect balance of energy and relaxation, depending on what I need to do for…

  • Wava

    Just took about 5 hits off my vape with some dry herb of Gelato CBD. No head high at all, all body high. I feel super relaxed, but not tired. I hold a lot of tension and get super bad neck pain and tension headaches, and they are instantly gone. I paired this with a magnesium soak and some hot ch…

  • Janina

    Here is another strain to have in your high CBD first aid kit. Does the trick for aches and pains. Still was able to function and felt relaxed and calm, a definite stress killer. Still like my ACDC better, but Gelato CBD as well as Remedy will do in a pinch.

  • Edra

    One of my all time favorites. Higher cbd with enough thc to give you a little buzz but not overpowering. It stimulates my appetite (not munchies but throughout the day I find I eat more overall).abd it’s been a game changer in pain control I have degenerative disc disease of the spine in many places…

  • Fatimah

    All I have to say is … (Perfect)

  • Arnold

    My new ”every day strain”. If you wanna have the benefits of weed without being really stoned, this one’s for you. Don’t get me wrong, the high is chilling in the background reminding you just enough that you are a little buzzed. I’ve done most things i do in every day life on this strain. It doesn’…

  • Lula

    Very good daytime strain. While it doesn’t actually stop my pain it DOES make it much less of an issue. Odd sensation of having anvils on my feet when I walked but I was totally clear thinking, which is very important to me. Hits almost immediately. Left me more able to concentrate on tasks at h…

  • Libby

    Definitely smoke for the health benefits and not the high. Really reduces pain. Particularly good for upset stomach and nausea. Great choice for right before going out at night. It’s nice to feel relaxed but not too high sometimes.

  • Carina

    Not very impressed with this strain, it was nice and clear headed high but didn’t help with pain besides headache. Beautiful bud though.

  • Shawana

    Great body high. Taste is sweet! Just too light for me.

  • Faith

    knocked me out. great for insomnia for me.

  • Margarett

    Really sweet, great strain.

  • Kandice

    Super sweet taste :D. Its also have a weird high, in a good way. When you expect the high to come, “it fades off”. This is really something I recommend for daily use.

  • Selena

    Definitely a different “high” with this CBD strain. I did not enjoy the smell (though I usually don’t enjoy the smells of high CBD strains). It seemed leafy but ground down well. The effects were VERY heavily felt in my body. I felt as though my body was melting but my head was perfectly clear.

  • Collen

    This is exactly what I have been searching for! Perfect for the morning to start your day off right with clarity and a positive perspective. I have trouble with psycho activity from THC inducing paranoia or negative thoughts so finding the right CBD strain that counters this while providing relief i…

  • Myrtie

    I’m not a major user. I have uncontrolled pain in my legs. This helps a little bit. Not what I expected.

  • Emmitt

    Helpful for muscle aches and body pains. Just a little goes a long way.

  • Yong

    Fantastic strain for physical and emotional pain.

  • Earleen

    Favorite high CBD strain so far, strong body and mild-medium head high, super relaxing effect, strong sofa lock?,

  • Carla

    This is a great strain! Great pain relief combined with stress relief, followed by a light high to keep you mellow. Not great for my insomnia but fantastic after 10 working on my feet, with chronic pain issues, at a stressful job. Wish I had bought way more while I still could!

  • Orville

    Some of the best high CBD indica I’ve ever had. Nice and sticky, has a great taste, knocks my ass out every night.

  • Shaquana

    4 stars for pain. 4 stars for anxiety. 2 stars for making me sleepy. Worked well for anxiety and stress. Made me feel happier, and more level headed. Had a nice body high and got rid of my pain. The strain smells like fresh cut grass on a spring day. Where this strain fails though is it does not put…

  • Michelina

    Some of the terpiest buds in the high cbd area that ive come in contact with, great medical

  • Charolette

    The first time I smoked this I was not impressed. But since I’m interested in the whole cbd-movement I gave it another try, and I’m glad I did. First of all its one of best tasting strains I ever tried.. Its literally like smoking roses or Grandmas potpurri?. Its Very smooth on the throat and sin…

  • Minerva

    Awesome. Great for pain and mixing in with sativas as the cannabidiol counteracts any anxiety or paranoia.

  • Patrica

    Tastes great, relieves pain, puts me to sleep.

  • Edythe

    This is my go to strain when it comes to my back/neck flaring up. It really hits the spot and helps relieve that intense sharp pain. Ive been mixing this with a little sour diesel on the nights i want a little extra, THE BOMB!

  • Janett

    This is a great daytime strain for anxiety relief, focus, and mild to moderate pain relief. Allows you to feel relaxed without causing sleepiness or an “up” type buzz feel.

  • Precious

    Excellent for a “right before bed” smoke or vape. Absolutely NO anxiety whatsoever and a GREAT PAINKILLER.

  • Arvilla

    I am a CBD fiend and this has just earned a place in my top 5 cbd strains. Smoked lovely and easy, did what it needed to and crushed that pain without making foggy.

  • Larry

    Excellent strain it was able to level my head out during an aura and probably prevent a seizure when used as a rescue medication. Also found that the effects were excellent for keeping me from being impaired

  • Jeff

    Very good for mind relax,anxiety relief,perfect to sleep but not so effective for pain

  • Kathryn

    relaxing and calming strain and also helps with inflammation and focus.But makes you kind of dizzy. much to mild for me and gives me a very bad headache. stay away if you are prone to headaches.

  • Georgianne

    This is my usual daily strain, I find it very tasty – high cbd and enough thc/a that helps me relax while not overpowering, which I appreciate for mornings at work.

  • Alberta

    Great Painkiller! Nice fruity aroma and flavor! Pretty mellow, so it can be enjoyed day or night. The CBD definitely helps with inflammation and stress. Check this one out if you want a chill, relieving high!

  • Maire

    This really made for a good bedtime high. Helped relax and calm the mind, and muscles. Very effective for my pain, anxiety, and PTSD. The aroma and taste is really pleasant. I’m glad to find a strain that doesn’t make me feel dizzy, or like my head is spinning when I’m laying down.

  • Salena

    very good thanks to joey who recamended it

  • Latia

    This is now my favorite smoke!!! I can smoke any amount anytime and a flood of relaxation washes down my body. I love the flavor as well. I also find it alters my high of other cultivars that I smoke. If I smoke or dab too much and feel a little racer, this will have an instant calming effect.

  • Janis

    My favorite strain. Left me feeling relaxed, but not cloudy or our of it. Excellent strain for a 7PM smoke.

  • Avril

    Awesome stain! Good for pain, mind relaxation and muscle relief!

  • Lyda

    So far this is an amazing strain. I have many medical issues and this has already started to alleviate my pain. It is just a start but I am very pleased with the description. It is perfect

  • Alisa

    Was having a bad pain night & nothing else was working. I tried some Gelato CBD for the first time, and almost immediately the pain went away. My muscles were able to relax and I no longer felt the tension and irritability that my pain was causing. It has a nice flavor: pretty mild, earthy wi…

  • Jarrod

    Good for pain but not to the level of what everyone is rating it. Slight body high but nothing to write home about. “OK” is an accurate overall description.

  • Ken

    Very relaxing strain. Gets you mellow and relieved of all that physically and mentally concerned you before smoking. Deep thought and contentment mentally and the feel of a new body physically are what I felt like on this strain. Overall top 3 in my book. Smell is good, taste is smooth. No hurt lung…

  • Ezra

    Amazing for anxiety

  • Dwain

    great producing strain with great medical properties

  • Farah

    Good CBD strain for both anxiety and depression.

  • Stanton

    This is by far the absolute best strain I have come across. I had long been searching for a strain that would help with my anxiety AND depression. This was particularly difficult since I have a sensitivity to higher THC strains (they make me MORE anxious). This strain is absolutely incredible. It’s …

  • Elmo

    writing on behalf of a friend. she had nothing but good results. Great for pain relief and a nice relaxing experience. She has issues of paranoia and anxiety with certain strains, but the higher CBD content seemed to balance things well.

  • Emmy

    Beautiful buds, extremely uplifting even for an indica dominant. Amazing smell that fills the room in seconds.

  • Hollis

    all around perfect!

  • Barrie

    Great strain. Absolutely rids my Gerd and any inflammatory pain. Easy smooth smoke from quite dense nugget. I strongly agree that this strain presents an earthy yet sweet aroma.

  • Arvilla

    Great for weekend days. Not too stony, very relaxing, upbeat, active.

  • Larry

    has a comfortable heaviness. kinda warm. smells like guavas. keeps me awake like woah, and my taste buds change so everything tastes really weird.

  • Jeff

    All the pain is gone

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