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  • 2Zero | 2.5% CBD | Kaleaf


CBD E-Liquid

2Zero | 2.5% CBD | Kaleaf


  • ○ Isolate CBD from Organic hemp.
  • ○ A mix of Natural terpenes and plant extracts.
  • ○ Contains no trace of THC.
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Medium dosage

PG/VG ratio



10ml / 0.3oz

CBD Percentage


CBD amount

250 milligrams



This product is a CBD E-liquid for vaping.

Kaleaf is a product line developed by the French laboratory Hemptech.

Hemptech have been an approved testing laboratory and a manufacturer of CBD products for several years.

Located in the Paris area, they have developed a network to become one of the leading pioneers on the French CBD market.

They use CBD Isolate to produce their E-liquid range. CBD Isolate means that the molecule has been extracted and the final product contains only that specific cannabinoid, in this case CBD. This results in this CBD vape being totally THC free.

2Zero is a combination of specific terpenes and fresh mint.

Commonly Used for

Relaxation, calmness, pre-sleep


Isolated CBD, Terpenes, Natural flavouring

Total Cannibanoid Content

250mg CBD/10ml

CBD : 2.5%

THC Free

Total Servings

About 10 full tank refills

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The potency or strength of a product refers to the amount of CBD in each serving or individual use.

For example a product might have 70 servings and each one of them might be ‘Medium’ in strength.

We advise anything above 35mg per serving to be strong, whereas anything between 1-15mg to be light.

Everybody is different so start on a lower dosage and see what works for you.

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Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant or Hemp plant.

Of over 480 different compounds present in the plant, only around 66 are termed cannabinoids.

The most well known among these compounds is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is another important component, which makes up about 40% of the plant resin extract.

All of the products on our platform contain under the legally required 0.2% THC cannabinoids concentration per unit.

Additional information



PG/VG ratio



CBD Percentage

CBD amount

250 milligrams

Reviews (59)

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  • Lionel

    Amazing, I use the throughout the day for pain relief mostly, but it helps with many other symptoms below. New centers in Maryland also have edibles and tinctures which were also Doctor recommended for severe and chronic pain symptoms management.

  • Felica

    So good

  • Josh

    Currently my all time favourite vape. The best daily driver hands down, I will never tire of this one. Highly recommended

  • Gavin

    very mild high pretty relaxing but the high doesn’t last very long. it did not help me with pain at all. if anything it made me focus on the pain more.

  • Patty

    This is an excellent daytime smoke.l, especially for anxiety. Makes me clear headed and relaxed.

  • Malika

    So this is my 1st review, and I’m writing it under the influence of this great vape. I grew this from seed (Barneys Farm), fairly easy to grow, did not produce as much as some of the other vapes. This is my perfect day time vape. I actually find it a little heady, nice body stone though. I ca…

  • Janina

    Not very impressed with this vape, it was nice and clear headed high but didn’t help with pain besides headache. Beautiful eliquid though.

  • Eliseo

    I grew this vape last summer and boy she is a healthy girl. She grew about six to seven feet in diameter and about six foot tall in a 30 gallon cloth pot. Recently diagnosed with pain cond and ptsd and Cannabis just became legal in my state. The lower thc content makes this ideal for me since I ha…

  • Edra

    knocked me out. great for insomnia for me.

  • Arvilla

    Definitely a different “high” with this CBD vape. I did not enjoy the smell (though I usually don’t enjoy the smells of high CBD vapes). It seemed leafy but ground down well. The effects were VERY heavily felt in my body. I felt as though my body was melting but my head was perfectly clear.

  • Honey

    Popular cbd vape, great for pain.

  • Palmer

    my daytime still getting it all done choice. great for the social situations for someone who doesn’t normally cope well in them.

  • Naida

    Also known as Cura I believe. This vape is definitely a giggly high for me. It relieves stress and anxiety just like any other CBD vape.

  • Fidelia

    Great vape for daytime use for people with social anxiety issues. I personally make oil and eat it in edibles and found that 1/2 ounce will get me 100 doses but I take 2 staggered by 15 minutes and I’m good for about 3 hours or so. Very happy social high with virtually no burn out!! Love the haze …

  • Phoebe

    Great for during the day pain relief without getting totally stoned.

  • Homer

    I’m not a major user. I have uncontrolled pain in my legs. This helps a little bit. Not what I expected.

  • Tiera

    Nice! frear Pain relief, doesn’t keep u awake at night, it also relaxing!!

  • Rhona

    Body felt so relaxed, headache was gone, my back pain significantly healed. This vape is amazing and should be noticed more

  • Drew

    Awesome find! If you enjoy sativas then you will love this vape. Great for morning, afternoon, and general day time. Scent was pungent pine and vapey. An active, buzzy cerebral high that uplifts your energy and puts you in a cheery state of being! Although at the same time it feels strangely rel…

  • Odelia

    As an accident survivor I was haunted with ghost. Though still there, after this medicine I acknowledge they aren’t really there. Wish I lived in England where this medicine is seen for what it is. I am mentally unwell. I do not have departed souls within me, I have my minds manner of coping with …

  • Lakesha

    I’m that weed customer who buys a half gram at a time because I want to try evvvvvverything available. I’ve been looking for about a year, for a vape that will relieve anxiety and stress as well as give me a little happiness boost but will not sedate me or space me out. I’m a little sensitive to …

  • Evelina

    Tired of restless Sleep? Anxiety and Those Feelings of Panic or panic attacks in general. You have Pain and REFUSE to subject yourself to Big Pharmas opiate Madness. LOOK NO FURTHER. I can’t say anything else except Try it and you WILL see. This vape Embodies the Word Medicinal in Every Sense. Ma…

  • Sam

    I CANT STOP SMILING! Total noob, early 30s. Always supported but never used. Got medical in my state (ptsd) and got a CBD only vape, this, and a mild indica. CBD helps with migraines, and is relaxing but not intoxicating. Indica made me dizzy. agrum? Makes me SMILE! I just played with my toe…

  • Lavon

    This is an amazing vape. Smells sweet and fruity. Very smooth while vaping. Instant relaxation. All stress melts away.

  • Harris

    Everything I want from a sativa without the paranoia/anxiety.

  • Lean

    This is my go to vape when it comes to my back/neck flaring up. It really hits the spot and helps relieve that intense sharp pain. Ive been mixing this with a little sour diesel on the nights i want a little extra, THE BOMB!

  • Barrie

    I like that I’m able to take it during the day to help with pain relief, but also be clear headed; maybe more clear-headed than I am without it.

  • Dusti

    Strong medicine without an overwhelming high.

  • Eldridge

    relaxing and calming vape and also helps with inflammation and focus.But makes you kind of dizzy. much to mild for me and gives me a very bad headache. stay away if you are prone to headaches.

  • Libby

    Great cbd vape, a very chill, mellow high. I love this vape for after physical therapy. Great for pain

  • Jamel

    It changed my life for the better. My chronic back and wrist pain due to multiple injuries, combined with my stomach problems due to anxiety and seasonal depression drastically changed after I tried this vape. Ive never been a smoker before, but when my doctor offered me narcotics, I wanted to giv…

  • Dee

    This vape is a true medical dream for me. I suffer with IBS/GI issues that have me running to the bathroom frequently immediately after eating. This vape stops this completely unlike any other vape I have tried. It provides immediate relief from the muscle spasms, cramping, bloating and pain…

  • Jina

    Very effective CBD. Nice indica feel with no anxiety or “up” feeling. Works on Chronic pain, anxiety, muscle tension, sleep. Best CBD 1:1 I’ve found so far.

  • Zandra

    this CBD booster is really good

  • Danita

    Amazing for anxiety

  • Reiko

    Love the taste when I vape. Make me concentrate and have fun when I’m high

  • Kymberly

    This is by far the absolute best vape I have come across. I had long been searching for a vape that would help with my anxiety AND depression. This was particularly difficult since I have a sensitivity to higher THC vapes (they make me MORE anxious). This vape is absolutely incredible. It’s …

  • Colene

    writing on behalf of a friend. she had nothing but good results. Great for pain relief and a nice relaxing experience. She has issues of paranoia and anxiety with certain vapes, but the higher CBD content seemed to balance things well.

  • Latanya

    I’m glad I tried this vape. it relaxed my bones and eased my pain. after a hard days work. t really made me feel good without the head high.

  • Halley

    this is by far the best vape I’ve ever seen on this app. it helps with stress, depression, pain basically a variety of medical issues so it’s really medicine. I would really like to get my hands on this vape to see what effects it’ll have on me

  • Faith

    for me this vape is a powerful pain relief with minimal head high depending on THC ratio. this will induce a sleepy effect after about 30mins, also I experienced the munchies which I great for those needed an increased appetite. this vape will definitely help with what ever ills you have.

  • Toshia

    Use for anxiety. This is the perfect level of euphoria that is entirely non-anxiety producing. Plenty of CBD to soothe the nerves. Not overly sedating, although it is particularly pleasant at night to wind down. Very enjoyable.

  • Maya

    Only found this locally once but it was clear, happy, and killed my pain. Would like to find again.

  • Earnest

    I so far smoke one bowl out of my pipe and I feel great? it helps my muscle spasms, anxiety, stress, etc. I like how this vape has a body high effect to it, I also usually have a nausea problem every morning for some reason but smoking this vape helps it all.

  • Marcia

    This vape has pretty much saved me over and over. I have experienced migraines for almost 8 years now. I’ve tried every over the counter medication around and if they did work the side effects were absolutely awful. I also get cramps to the point of puking and having to miss work. Since I’ve start…

  • Guadalupe

    Awesome pain relief and not too high.

  • Burl

    I really enjoy this vape. I was worried about the 1:1 ratio because I don’t do well with THC, but this is fine. Relaxing, but not locking. Significant mood uplift too. Fine to try day or night. Does a good job treating my Rheumatoid Arthritis and quieting my anxiety. Daytime use helps me get chore…

  • Mohammed

    out of all the vapes I’ve grown this is the one I prefer easy to grow mine got over 6feet very good smell i got my clones from ROSE CITY OREGANICS WELLNESS CENTER located in portland Oregon and it’s called blue shark there this vape has made a fan out of everyone I’ve smoke a joint then went to …

  • Chandra

    Really impressed, the near one to one ratio with THC gives it an anxiety free high that is also very stoney. Definitely got a solid body buzz off this one. The oil concentrate I tried had an herby and earthy taste to it.

  • Casie

    Relief plus giggles! Very nice balance– the THC content is definitely high enough to feel, but not stupefying. I felt clear, light, and cheerful.

  • Pura

    Got my CBD Hemptech 2.5% seeds from Barney’s Seed Bank of Amsterdam. Sticky medium sized eliquids. Smells of kush and blueberry. Tastes pungent and has slight berry taste. Very good for pain, sleep problems, anxiety, nervousness. A must have for every medicine cabinet. 5/5

  • Orville

    The CBD Hemptech booster I purchased was more of a sativa than an indica. It is a pretty effective vape for pain relief and relaxation. Not much of a cerebral “high” but more of that spacey, tingly feeling. I found there is a bit of burn out and dizziness with this vape. Overall a reasonable good vape b…

  • Darwin

    Theme: cognitive dissonance. I want to love it. I feel the CBD and clarity. But, it’s tastes like shit! I will buy it again, but only smoke it mixed with something more palatable.

  • Latoyia

    I love this vape. Got it from overseas into my little ol’ country half way across the world after reading past reviews on this site. All the reviewers were spot on with this vape. I get zero paranoia which is awesome. It treats my stress as its very relaxing, its not a full couch lock buzz tho. …

  • Wava

    Amazing body buzz without making you feel too high.

  • Rosalva

    CBD Hemptech booster calms my nerves without becoming stoned. I’m not sure if it helps with my insomnia but it does the trick. I prefer the stronger ones like Skywalker Kush, Romulan or OG Kush for insominia. I find CBD Hemptech booster a great vape for day use when I want to function and socialize with my family witho…

  • Kassandra

    Very pungent aroma, to me it simply smells sweet, piney with a Citrus smell and taste. Smells like a knoll fern Christmas tree with fruits. Ratio is excellent 8 to 5, 8 being CBD! It really helps with fibromyalgia pain and swelling. A Super comfortable and mild smoke. The best for patients that need…

  • Margarett

    Absolutely LOVE! ???? This particular plant from Mtn View Naturals is 10% CBD and 5% THC, which for me is the perfect pain releiving ratio! It just wraps up all my pain in a soft blanket while helping me feel relaxed but not loopy. This is now my favorite CBD vape.

  • Brenna

    Love this eliquid, really mellow high. Felt very relaxed and at ease after smoking a whole cartridge

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