Digital Media Influencers

Okay, we are going to use a ‘dirty’ word… “Influencer”.

influencer /ˈɪnflʊənsə/ noun

  • A person or thing that influences another.

“She was a champion of the arts and a huge influencer due to her dope ass taste of underground music”


It’s a war out there, these days everything sets off the Twitter storm, cancel culture is sinking the artist mavericks of our age like a Spanish armada and for all the hard work of navigating the choppy ocean of social media… we believe you should get rewarded. Social media influencers assemble! We want to hear from you. We have massive lucrative partnerships available to people that would like to be bastions for our brand. But be aware, we only want to work with the best of the best. At P&H we are looking for long term influencer relationships whom can stick with us as we both develop together into the future. No quick money makers, please!