Creative Collaborators

Vanguards of authenticity P&H needs you. We are on the hunt for original, unique and underground creatives to inspire us on how we can help you produce more incredible projects to make our cities and lives more beautiful. Cliché alert: At P&H business is more than a way to pay the bills. Invigorating our creative community to change the world is one of our top priorities. Underground trappers, cloak and dagger graffiti muralists and independent festival organisers we need to hear from you.

The P&H Creativity Manifesto

The legalisation of cannabis looms over us like the harrowing popular cultural proverb “winter is coming”.

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) estimates the European illegal cannabis market to be worth €9,500,000,000 and legalisation will undoubtedly exponentially multiply this figure.

P&H intends to do the unthinkable.

P&H intends to channel this revenue to the many and not the few,

P&H intends to channel this money into the hands of the creative mavericks, into the hands of the vanguards of authenticity, the explorers of human expression and to do that…

We need you.

Inevitably and more so traditionally commercial and cultural authenticity do not go hand in hand, thus we need the guidance of the European creative community to help us channel this revenue to support the creative revolutionaries of our time such that our collaboration does not corrupt the essence of their expression. 

Our plan?

To use the oncoming emancipation of cannabis to create a European renaissance of creative exploration into the savannah of human consciousness the likes upon which the world has never seen before.


None but yourself can free your mind.

— R.H.M

If you have an idea for any piece of creative works that we can fund or help make happen please send us an email. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be too formal. the budget can be anything from €20 to €5,000. What’s your idea of how you can make the world more beautiful. We want to hear from you.


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