Is CBD Legal in Portugal?

Portugal is a country with a very progressive approach to ‘recreational’ drugs as well as drugs used for medicinal purposes, but is CBD Legal in Portugal? 

The progressive nature of the drug laws in the country that Plant & Hemp have recently made our home is the subject of much discussion but is, as a result, also the subject of much misinformation. 

It isn’t rare to see articles about Portugal’s ‘radical’ drug policy, which has led to many simplifying the law changes to simply state that all drugs are legal here. 

This isn’t the subject we’re here to discuss, but we’re going to dip into it. Law changes in Portugal have, for the most part, not involved legalisation, but decriminalisation, with those who take drugs being, for the most part, now dealt with by the department of health as opposed to the department of justice, with the focus being on rehabilitation as opposed to punishment, and it is working. 

The heroin epidemic in the country has been cut by a huge amount since the changes, and it still carries near-universal support from those under 40 in the country. 

However, the dealing and trafficking of drugs is still illegal, so don’t assume this is a good way to make money when you get here. 


Now, onto the subject matter of this article, is CBD legal in Portugal? 

Basically, yes, yes, it is. While drugs are decriminalised, medical marijuana is legal here, and CBD is a part of the medical cannabis industry. 

Buying CBD without a prescription may or may not be a little on the iffy side, pharmacies will only over CBD based medications with a prescription, for example, but beyond that, the rules are pretty loose, and they might be changing further. 

The Future of CBD and Cannabis in Portugal

In February of 2019, the Portuguese parliament rejected a couple of proposals looking to legalise recreational cannabis, but they did fully legalise medical marijuana at the same time, and that was an old government. 

The government of Portugal now is considerably more left leaning than most of its European counterparts, and if you walk the streets of Portugal, especially in big cities, it doesn’t take long to notice that the recreational use of cannabis here is something that doesn’t tend to bother many people, and will rarely lead to anything more than confiscation if the police choose to get involved. 

One of the two proposals from 2019 looked to legalise licensed selling of cannabis, and home growing, with the intention of having greater control over the safety of the products sold. This is a law that many perceive may come back into general conversation sooner rather than later. 

A recent Vice article put the assumed point of full legalisation of cannabis in Portugal to be in 2023, but that might be a little far down the line the way things are going. 

Whatever the future for cannabis, CBD is certainly something that the country as a whole seems to be embracing. 

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid doesn’t come with the same concerns as THC, and as a result, CBD is basically considered to be legal in Portugal. 

If you are using dry flower, we recommend using it in infusions, mixed with various teas and tasty things to create the perfect concoction, as out pages make clear, that is what we use it for. 

We cannot, acceptedly, stop you from using this flower in other ways if you so choose, but we do not recommend it, and it is not its intended use. 

Portugal is a place where you can kick back in surprisingly warm weather for Europe, especially in the summertime, sip on a CBD infusion tea, and enjoy the fact that you live in one of the most progressive countries in Europe at this point. 

With a dictatorship in the rear-view mirror, Portugal still has a few things to fix, and it knows it, don’t be surprised if the legalisation of cannabis is one of the first steps that this country takes into its bright and exciting future. 


The products we sell do not have proven health benefits. While research is being carried out, these products are not, and should not, be considered to be medical products.

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We are simply bringing you the information needed to make an informed decision on what you want to use CBD for, and what you are comfortable using our products for.

CBD products should not be used as a replacement for any prescribed medication, under UK and International Law.

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