Is CBD Dry Flower Legal in the UK?

Is CBD Dry Flower Legal in the UK? Many people have a simple question, is CBD Dry Flower Legal in the UK? And well, they also simply assume it is, however, the truth is far hazier (excuse the pun) than this. 

While CBD is everywhere at the moment, there are issues around legality, which we cover in our guides on general CBD legality.

However, in this article, we are focusing on one thing, in particular, CBD dry flower, and here, the answer is actually far more straightforward. 

CBD dry flower is technically not legal in the UK. 

The Legality of Dry Flower

Many people have been shocked by recent reports of people being arrested for using or selling CBD dry flower, but the law is clear on the topic (something that is rare in the world of CBD products). CBD dry flower products are categorised the same way as any cannabis in the same form. 

This means that you could be carrying CBD dry flower, and the next person could be carrying the same amount of the most super strength hydro-powered skunk ever known to man, in the eyes of the law, you are committing the exact same crime. 

All cannabis products are categorised as Class B in the UK, meaning possession could carry up to a five-year prison sentence, and/or an unlimited fine. 

Why, Though?

This is a fair question, at the moment, it all comes down to categorisation. The law in the UK does not ban the use of THC, it bans the use of cannabis, and CBD is a derivative of cannabis, the same way THC is. 

Now, this should technically cover all CBD products, but there is a lot more grey area when it comes to anything else. 

Oils, gummies, and other CBD products which stay within the legal necessity of 0.2% THC content (some consider this to be 0.3%, but we’ve always preferred to err on the side of caution around these parts) are seen by most to be pretty much okay, and shops selling these, or vape shops offering CBD products have, thus far, stayed okay in the eyes of the law in the UK. 

It may just simply be because CBD dry flower looks so much like THC, that if you’re found with it in your possession, the police are unlikely to have a test to hand to prove the THC levels that are within the product you’re holding. 

Whatever the case, while we do not pass judgement on those either selling or buying CBD dry flower, our advice is not to take the risk. 

Is There a Safe Way to Have CBD Dry Flower? 

Speak to most weed smokers, and they’ll tell you that as long as they never have too much on their person, and they only smoke it in their house, they never have any problems from the police. 

This is probably the same for CBD dry flower smokers, but again, we don’t advise taking the chance, because it would still, technically, be breaking the law, for now, at least. 

Tea Exemptions?

In case this situation was not confusing enough for you, there are exemptions for products derived from industrial hemp, such as teas. The limits are different here though, working in micrograms instead of percentages. 

And then, there’s another school of thought that says tea isn’t exempt at all, and if they are, they definitely have heavy regulations attached. 

The basic conclusion we have for you here, is that if you’re using CBD in the UK, it’s better to avoid dry flower, because all signs point to this being the most likely way to get yourself in trouble. 

For those outside of the UK, the dry flower laws certainly seem too be looser, but for UK residents, until the law is clearer (and with Brexit, nothing is getting clearer any time soon!) try other products, like these.


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