How to Become a CBD Affiliate?

How do I become a CBD Affiliate? A CBD affiliate, what Is one and how do I become one? It’s a simple and understandable question, and one we’re here to provide an answer for. 

Affiliate programs have become a much-discussed concept in recent years, the huge evolutions in online capabilities over recent decades have resulted in affiliates popping up everywhere. 

When a new industry starts to really take off, one of the first questions many ask, is how do I become an affiliate?

It’s fair to say there are few industries moving faster now than CBD, so that leads to the question that leads this article, how do I become a CBD affiliate?

How Does Being a CBD Affiliate Work?

Being a CBD affiliate with P&H couldn’t be easier, you can monetise your social media user-generated content or online website by simply linking from your site to our products. 

As long as you follow our affiliate terms and conditions, and do not make false claims about our products or CBD as a whole that go against regulations, how you choose to promote our products is entirely up to you. 

In order to become an affiliate with P&H, all you need to do is sign up using our website here. Once your application has been accepted, you will be given links that you can place on your site or in your social media user-generated content, that will link people straight to our site and allow them to buy our products via your content. 

Once you’ve applied, we will make data, images, text, link formats, widgets, links, marketing content and other link tools, application program interfaces, and other information in connection with our products and program available to you to do with as you wish, within the guidelines set out in our terms and conditions. 

It’s that easy, how you choose to promote is entirely up to you, and the more you get people across to our site from yours, the more it benefits both of us. It’s basically the best kind of mutually beneficial relationship. 

What are the Benefits of Being a CBD Affiliate?

Being an affiliate of Plant&Hemp means that you will make a percentage of every qualifying sale from any customer who accesses our site through the links on your pages. 

Essentially, whenever somebody buys, you get a cut of the sale, it’s kind of like dropshipping without all the hassle! 

We will also, sporadically, make deals and offers available to you, exclusive discounts that can only be accessed by going through your site to ours. This doesn’t only make sales more likely, and therefore makes you more likely to make money, it also adds a sense of gravitas to your site, as you gain a reputation for having exclusive discounts to such fine products as those we provide. 

Things to be Aware of…

All the regulations and guidelines of being a P&H affiliate are set out clearly in our terms and conditions, but there are a few bits that are worth repeating here. 

Firstly, clients that use your links to access our site are still, by virtue of the affiliate agreement, our clients, and are, as such, governed by our operating procedures, pricing choices, and terms of sale. To that same end, in the unlikely event of any complaints or queries about our products, this are made to us and not you. 

Also, it is essential that you state yourself as an associate of P&H when selling or linking to any products that are part of the Plant & Hemp network. 

This statement must consist of the following statement (or words to the effect) “As a Plant & Hemp Associate [I/we/this] site earn[s] commission from qualifying purchases.” You are obliged to make this clear but not make any further public statement disclosing any part of our agreement. 

As long as you follow the simple rules and regulations of our terms and conditions, an affiliate relationship between us can be beneficial to both parties, and we can look forward to a long and fruitful partnership as we take Plant & Hemp to the next level, with our proud affiliates being an important part of that growth. 

The CBD industry is one of the best opportunities for affiliate marketing in the modern world. If you want to get involved and see if you can benefit from this fast-growing industry, click here and become a Plant & Hemp affiliate today.


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