How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work? The question of long does It take for CBD Oil to Work has an answer that is two-fold, which is exciting, we love a two-fold answer. 

The first question is how long it takes for any effects of CBD to be felt after taking it, and the second is how long it will take for the potential benefits of CBD to potentially (double potential, even more exciting) come into full effect. 

Never ones to not enjoy talking about CBD, we’re going to dive straight into both questions (one by one, obviously, otherwise it would just be confusing. 

How Fast Does Cannabidiol Work?

This is how we’re phrasing the first question, because “how long does it take to feel any effects from CBD after taking it?” felt too long of a title, but now we’ve written it here anyway, we may as well have done that. Still, we’re here now. 

The time it takes for CBD to come into effect depends very much on how you choose to take it. For example, vaping CBD can see effects in five minutes, oils could take up to half an hour, whereas with edibles, such as chocolates or gummies, it can take anything up to eight hours to really start feeling anything. 

On that logic, it may seem logical to just go the vaping route, because that makes the effects happen quickest, but there is more to it than that. 

Vaping CBD may see effects occur in the quickest time, but these effects will also tend to go away sooner. Oils and edibles, on the other hand, may see longer-lasting effects, so it may be worth the wait. 

Essentially it depends on what you’re after, if you’re looking for a quick boost, vaping could be the way, with oils as the next quickest option (with a slightly longer effect), but if you’re after a slower release and a longer effect, consider gummies or maybe a little CBD in your coffee. Dropping some CBD oil in your coffee land somewhere in the middle if you’re not sure which side of that particular coin suits you. 

How Long Until I Feel the Full Effects of Cannabidiol Oil? 

Question two is even more dependent on you than the previous question, but there is a certain sensible way to go. 

Once you’ve found the right amount of CBD that works for you (start low and work up to get there), then it’s all about consistency. 

We’re going to focus on CBD oil here, the last question needed a few different products, but it’s easy to focus just on oil here. 

When you have found the correct dosage of CBD oil for you, the sensible thing to do is pick the time (or times) each day to take your CBD dose. Once you have that time, stick to it. As with health supplements, the effects are more likely to be at their most potent and most fast acting if you keep a routine. 

From this point, it all depends on your body and how it responds. Anecdotal evidence has suggested that for some, the effects are pretty much immediate, and as long as you stick to a consistent pattern as mentioned above, those effects can be maintained over a prolonged period. 

For others, it may take anything from a few days to several weeks for the real differences to start to be felt, so patience could be necessary here. But reports from CBD consumers say that when those effects do start, they will then stay. 

There is nothing from any scientific research at this point to strongly suggest that the body builds up a tolerance to CBD. As a result, when you’ve found your dose and frequency, you should be able to stick with that going forward, and enjoy the effects of CBD, whatever they may be for you. 

How fast do the effects of CBD kick in for you? Is it hours, or is it weeks? Let us know in the comments, you can help with our research and we all get to have a nice chat! 


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