How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

There are many reasons why you may be curious as to how long CBD stays in your system. We’re not here to judge, we’ll cover a few potential reasons later. But, for now, that’s just get straight into the juicy bits of the question. 

As is so often the case with anything involving CBD as a subject matter, there are a few different theories and answers to this question knocking about. However, there are actually some fairly clear answers around, if you know where to look. 

Luckily for you, you don’t have to do what we did, spend hours, days even, collating all the available research, selecting the most reliable voices, checking their sources, and all that fun stuff. We do that so you don’t have to, instead, we can just tell you. 

Before we go into this, however, be aware that these times are averages, everybody is different, and as we will get into, CBD can stay in the system of some for substantially longer than that average. 

How Long CBD Stays in the System – The Numbers

In 2014, an article in Epilepsy Currents, a scientific journal, put the half-life of a single oral dose of CBD taken orally at one to two days. As it stands now, that prediction still seems pretty accurate, with the current belief being that CBD, on average, stays in your system for between two and five days.

For some, this can differ greatly, with evidence suggesting that CBD has stayed in the system of some for around two weeks. 

Now, two to five days is a strong estimate, according to the science, but there are numerous factors that are at play as well, so certainly don’t assume that CBD will still be in your system after two days, or that it will have completely left after five. These are simply averages taken from the information that is currently available. 

How Long CBD Stays in the System – The Reasons

So, what has an impact on how long CBD stays in your system? The first variable to consider is how much CBD you use. Even the article in the Epilepsy Journal drew reference to a single dose, but a single dose can change from person to person, mainly because most products vary in the CBD content that is contained. 

There is also the fact that some people use more CBD than others, or use it more frequently. CBD can build up in the body over time, so a dose every day (or numerous doses a day) over a period of time can result in CBD staying in your system for considerably longer. 

Another difference could be caused by how you choose to consume CBD. If you are taking CBD orally, the estimation is two to five days, but that tends to focus on CBD oils, when it comes to gummies, or CBD products that are consumed in any other form, such as topical application, the numbers may differ, there is more research necessary here. 

Your diet can also have an impact, taking CBD on an empty stomach can speed up the body’s metabolization processes, and therefore see the CBD leave your system sooner, whereas a full stomach slows digestion, which may delay the time it takes for the Cannabinoid to be eliminated from your body. 

Finally, and perhaps the most important factor, is your body. Everybody’s body is different, and the processes that occur in the body also vary from person to person, meaning that you can never really know how long it takes for CBD to leave your body unless you have been tested and found out for sure. 

So basically, two to five days is a fair prediction, but not one that you should rely on in important instances, talking of which.

Drug Tests and CBD

Let’s face it, if you’re asking the question, this is very possibly why (you may just be curious, that’s cool too). 

Despite CBD being considered non-psychoactive, not altering the mind or enhancing performance, the trace amounts of THC, especially in full-spectrum CBD, may show up on a drug test, as may the cannabinoid itself, so be careful. 

If you want more information on CBD and drug tests, check out our article here.

Do you know how long CBD lasts in your body? Is it the same or different to the predictions? Let us know in the comments below.  


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