How Long Does CBD Last?

The question of how long CBD lasts could mean a few things. In fact, as far as we’ve worked it out, it could mean three things. What is the shelf life of CBD, how long does CBD last in the system, and how long do the effects of CBD last? 

We’ve never been the type to miss an opportunity to talk a lot, and we’re not about to start now, so let’s take on all three of these questions. 

CBD’s Half-life in the System?

We’ll be quick with this one, for the simple reason that we’ve already covered it in detail. 

If you don’t fancy a big read, here’s a summary, Cannabinoids are thought to last between two and five days when taking orally, but that can change depending on your body, your diet, the amount of CBD you consume, and a bunch of other factors. 

For more details on the predicted timescale of CBD remaining in your system, check out our article on the topic here

What is the Shelf Life of CBD?

The answer to this question will, unsurprisingly, differ depending on the product you are dealing with, but for this answer, we’ll focus on CBD oil after the bottle has been opened, because we assume that’s what you’re after (if there’s another question about shelf life you want the answer to let us know in the comments or send us a message, we’ll answer it for you, and we may even write an article about it, giving you credit, of course). 

Let’s deal with the most obvious aspect of this question first, does CBD go bad? The answer to that is no. Nothing has suggested that CBD becomes dangerous or toxic in any way if it’s left for too long. 

However, CBD oil does have a shelf life. This can change from product to product, and will always be labelled, and is not short. In most cases, if you adhere to the storage advice, Oil forms of the cannabinoid should last a minimum of one to two years after opening. 

If you keep the oil at room temperature in a dark place, or store it in the freezer if you’re so inclined, you may get an even longer shelf life from your CBD oil. 

When CBD is past its shelf life, this will normally be apparent from a change in the colour or consistency of the oil, and possibly a change in the taste. 

How Long do the Effects Last? 

How long the effects of CBD last for depends on a few factors, not least the quality of the oil. If you’re buying CBD oil from us, you can trust what you’re getting is of the highest quality, so you can expect the effects to last anything up to three or four hours. 

This is true of CBD oil dropped under the tongue, which ensures quick absorption, so you should start to notice the effects after around 20 minutes. 

The length of CBD effects also depends on how you take it, a vaporised oil will usually have effects that are noticeable quicker, within a few minutes normally, but normally won’t last longer than two hours, while topical creams can see four to five hours of effects in some cases. 

The final factor when it comes to CBD effects and their length is, as always, your body. As we say a lot in these pages (partly because it’s fun to say) everybody’s body is different. You may find that your tolerance to CBD is naturally high, so the effects last less time, conversely, you may discover that CBD affects you for longer than most, and you feel it for longer than the estimated times above. 

With the exception of shelf life, which tends to be fairly consistent, the answers to these questions differ from person to person, and as time goes on, we will likely gain more information that can aid in making this information more specific. 

Tell us about your experience with CBD, do you agree with our opinion? Write your answers below! 


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