How is CBD Isolate Made?

How-is-CBD-Isolate-Made- The world of CBD is still pretty bright and shiny, and inside that huge bubble, many smaller bubbles can be found. One of the newest is CBD isolate (or ‘CBD crystals’ -a bit less sexy), which can regularly test above 90% pure for CBD. But what are CBD crystals? And for the science heads out there, how is CBD isolate made? 

There’s no doubt that CBD crystals are an intriguing part of the CBD world, so let’s get into it, and explore the ins and outs of this new topic.

What exactly are we talking about? 

Let’s be logical, and start at the beginning, by examining exactly what it is we are talking about. Isolate is newer than most CBD products, so there are some of you out there who will be as yet unfamiliar with it, so allow us to make a formal introduction. 

In simple terms, CBD is cannabidiol (the long word version of CBD) in its purest form. There are no additives at all, none of the organic compounds that are found in other products, it is just CBD, and lots of it. 

For some, isolate may be a little scary compared to other CBD products. This is mainly because it doesn’t look like any other products on the market. Isolate comes in white powder or smaller white crystal form, and does not smell or taste of anything, so, understandably, it may cause some concern. 

However, this is not anything to worry about, the different look of CBD isolate is simply due to how it’s made, which we will get into shortly. 

Now, we will at no point tell you to try anything. If CBD isolate makes you uncomfortable, and you’d rather stick with other products, those of lower strength that keep the CBD content to around 10% or less, we are totally cool with that. 

We’re not here to pressure you into anything, so if isolate doesn’t seem like your thing, it isn’t your thing, and that’s not a problem. 

However, if you are curious about CBD isolate, and you’d like to know what it is that makes these little crystals look so drastically different to what you know CBD products to look like, let’s get into how CBD isolate is made. 

How are these Crystals Made? 

When it comes to making CBD isolate, the first step is the same as regular CBD extraction.  Once the extraction process is over, however, is when the magic happens. 

Now, a process called chromatography begins. The chemistry buffs out there may well be familiar with the chromatography process, it is used fairly frequently for separating a mixture. 

Basically, the mixture is passed in solution through a medium, a middle-ground if you will, that causes all the contained substances to move at different speeds, therefore separating. 

For the science heads, there’s a more detailed explanation here

In the case of CBD Isolate, is basically everything that isn’t CBD. This includes terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids. 

This includes THC, which makes isolate a popular choice for those looking to avoid all traces of THC, whether that be due to drug screening concerns, or just personal preference. 

What’s Better?

The logical question you may be asking now, is given the complex scientific process used to create isolate, and the purity of the isolate, as a result, is CBD isolate better than other CBD products? 

The answer is simple (if a little frustrating), maybe. Basically, to some, CBD isolate is the perfect choice, but to others, the whole plant product, with the taste, and the smell, is a better experience. 

As with all aspects of CBD, what works for you is very much down to you and your body. If you have found a product that feels right for you, then, by all means, try CBD isolate if you’d like, but you may well decide that the product you were already using suits you better.

On the flip side, you may try CBD isolate, and realise this is what you’ve been looking for the whole time, and decide to never go back to any other CBD product again. 

The argument over whether CBD isolate is better (if the argument exists, maybe we should say debate, or conversation even. We hope it’s a conversation, let’s make it a conversation in the comments) might never really have a solid answer. 

Science will, assumedly, at some point come out with some evidence to suggest one of the other. But with CBD interacting with the body in different ways from person to person, there is no final answer. 

So there we have it, that is how CBD isolate is made, and why it looks so startlingly different to anything else you will see on the CBD market. 

If you’re interested in trying CBD isolate, feel free to check out this isolate we have on offer from PharmaHemp. If you do fancy giving it a go, we’ll give you a tidy discount. Be sure to let us know how you find it in the comments below. 


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