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Fancy yourself as something of a specialist when it comes to CBD? Why not test your wits with this CBD quiz, all of the knowledgeable humans who get every question right will be put into a draw, with the winner picking up a year-long 30% discount voucher on all our products! 

Before we get started, here are some rules, because as we all know, you can’t have fun without rules! 

  1. We can’t stop you Googling the answers, but you know as well as we do that the win won’t feel as good if you do. Every question in section one can be answered from the information we give you in these pages, you don’t have to leave this site to get them all right. The anagrams are much more fun if you don’t use an anagram solver!
  2. If you want to team up with friends, feel more than free. There’s only one discount code on offer though, so keep that in mind!
  3. All answers should be put in the comments, just comment with your answers to each question, if you get them right, you’ll go into a draw for the 30% discount voucher.
  4. We will close entries on this quiz at some point, the date is not yet secure. We will give one month’s notice before we do so. 
  5. Once entries for the quiz is closed, we will answer your comment if you’ve got them all right. We can’t do it before then, because that would make it too easy for everyone else! 

 With that out the way, let’s crack on with the quizzing! 

Section 1 – General CBD Knowledge

  • What does CBD stand for?
  • What type of plant does CBD come from? (Be specific!)
  • If Full Spectrum CBD is CBD with everything else left in, what’s the name of the type of CBD that has everything else removed, leaving just the CBD?
  • Who Discovered CBD?
  • What year did the above person discover CBD in?
  • What’s the main difference between CBD and THC?
  • What Percentage CBD content is the PlantOfLife Bubble-Gum E-Liquid that we sell?
  • We sell a 1.2% CBD oil from Love CBD, what flavour is it? (Note – If we start selling more than one, we will accept all correct answers here)
  • The bill introduced in the USA in 2018 that affected the legality of CBD and more was called what?
  • What is the name of the first FDA approved medication to include CBD?

Section 2 – Anagrams

  • We sell an Energy Charge Powder from a company, their name is an anagram of Dunk In Ham. Name that company. 
  • Which of our dry flower product is an anagram of I Am Sane?
  • The full name of a cannabinoid is an anagram of Air A Contently Hard Nob, once you have stopped giggling, name that cannabinoid.
  • The full name of a cannabinoid is an anagram of I’d Nail Bacon, again, once you have stopped giggling, name that cannabinoid.
  • Ending with the hardest. Tell Pandas In Triumph is an anagram of what?

And there you have it. Go 15 for 15, and a year-long 30% discount could be yours. 

Good luck, and happy quizzing!

Put your answers in a comment below for the chance at our Christmas discount bundle on all our products (terms and conditions apply)

3 replies on “CBD Quiz

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    Adam Remetancik

    Section 1
    – Cannabidiol
    – Cannabis/Hemp plant
    – CBD Isolate
    – Roger Adams
    – 1940
    – CBD is not psychoactive
    – 1%
    – Coconut
    – The 2018 Farm Bill (Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018)
    – Epidiolex
    Section 2
    – Human Kind
    – Amnesia
    – Tetrahydrocannabinol
    – Cannabidiol
    – don’t know, but was able to find Plant and Hemp in it if it counts!


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