Can You Use CBD When Exercising?

CBD when exercising, can the two go together? Is it advisable, or risky to use CBD when playing sport or doing exercise?

You are probably hearing a lot about CBD from various health and exercise professionals at the moment, the topic is about as trendy as anything else in the world, but information can be mixed, and even contradictory. 

It can be difficult to filter through all the sponsored posts trying to push a specific narrative in order to find an unbiased, honest article on the subject. 

Luckily, as always, we are here to provide exactly that, the facts and information necessary for you to draw your own conclusions on whether it’s sensible to take CBD while exercising. 

CBD After Exercise

Let’s start at the end, like sensible people do, by considering what effect CBD would have if you took it after exercising. 

An increasing number of athletes and sportsmen and women are turning to products containing CBD as part of their post-workout regime to relieve soreness and speed recovery, but does it work? 

The truth is, as is often the case with CBD research, science doesn’t have a definitive answer yet. The majority of the evidence to suggest CBD can help is anecdotal, and anecdotal evidence is not conclusive in any way. 

There are interesting articles which give a well-weighted, honest breakdown of people’s experiences, but this is not to be treated as fact. 

The placebo effect can be strong in some cases, and also everybody’s body will react differently to CBD, so the fact that one person felt a certain way when taking CBD products after exercise does not mean you will feel the same way. 

CBD When Exercising and Pre-workout…

Is CBD a performance enhancer? This is a debate that is going on a lot, and there are many sportspeople who are becoming supporters of CBD products.

But if its effectiveness is not proven at this point, why are so many athletes using CBD? Well, part of that is due to paid endorsements, some athletes are literally being paid to use and promote CBD products. 

However, as a recent GQ article showed, it isn’t only these endorsers who are using CBD products as performance-enhancing. 

While most athletes who use CBD, do so after a workout as part of that routine, some use it before, and a smaller number use it during their workouts, but why? 

Anecdotal evidence seems to carry a lot of weight when it comes to athletes, and there is no shortage of athletes pushing the miracle nature of CBD when it comes to reliving post work out pain and stress, or even enhancing performance. 

Can We Prove It?

At this point, no, we can’t. If someone feels like something works for them, then that’s entirely fair enough and we’re not in the nature of arguing, but in terms of scientific proof, there is currently not sufficient evidence to provide it.

If you choose to try CBD before, during, or after exercise, we are not saying you shouldn’t, in fact, if you do, we’d be intrigued to find out how you feel about it.  

Do you use CBD when exercising? Does it work for you? Let us know in the comments for the chance at a 10% lifetime discount on al out products. 


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