Can CBD Help Muscle Recovery Post-Workout?

Can CBD Help Muscle Recovery Post-Workout? There’s an ever-growing cacophony of voices singing the praises of CBD as an assistance for muscle recovery after a workout. But is there truth in it? Can CBD help with muscle recovery after an intense workout? 

There are numerous famous athletes advocating for the use of CBD for this purpose. But famous athletes and sportspeople, what do they know? Do they know things?? Let’s find out! (10% discount for the first person to state the reference in the comments). 

What’s the Evidence, that “CBD Helps Muscle Recovery”?

At this point, pretty much all the evidence to support the suggestion that CBD can help with post workout recovery is based on anecdotal evidence, and anecdotal evidence is not used as a supplement for scientific research, for understandable reasons. 

However, the number of athletes claiming this benefits has got the attention of many, including Men’s Health, who weren’t content to make one article about the subject, so they’ve done two (at least, at the time of writing). 

It is certainly interesting that so many athletes are signing the praises of CBD as a post workout option, and one of the loudest voices comes from the face of someone who has made something of a name for themselves as of late for not being scared to speak their mind, and may be exactly the voice that the CBD industry needs. 

Megan Rapinoe, CBD and Muscle Recovery

Megan Rapinoe, the superstar of the US football (or soccer if you must, but we won’t) team who made as many headlines off the pitch after her comments about Trump and more, as she did for her football prowess (which isn’t fair, because she’s an incredible footballer, and that should be the headline, but it’s contextually relevant so we have to mention it).

Not only is Rapinoe an advocate of CBD, she’s in the business, having twinned up with her twin sister (I know, right? We were proper excited when we found out there were two of them too, the industry needs one Rapinoe voice, it’ll do even better with two!). 

Rachael Rapinoe, who is also a retired professional football (soccer, but you know, football, you use your foot, it’s football) player is a co-founder of Mendi, a CBD brand launched after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) declassified CBD from a banned substance in 2018, aimed primarily at athletes, while sister Megan uses her fame to act as brand ambassador and a Mendi sponsored athlete. 

But it’s far more than just sibling support that has seen Rapinoe get into the industry, she is a long-time user of and believer in CBD. 

Megan speaks in an interview about CBD assisting her with recovery after workouts and football (it’s football, we’re not getting into this again) games as well as with relaxation and sleep regulations, while sister Rachael says CBD in the same article speaks of using CBD for pain management.

What Does Science Say?

Not a lot, at the moment, but some, is the honest answer. You may read articles that blow up the information we’re about to give you, but if you know us, you know we don’t play like that, we much prefer straight honesty. 

There have been scientific studies that have shown the potential for CBD to have anti-inflammatory properties, but this is not a statement of fact. It basically means that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties, but it also may not. 

Combining these base-level scientific findings with anecdotal evidence, however, does produce an interesting story, and one that more than just us is interested in seeking out the answer to.

Scientific research continues, and if the evidence comes, you better know that we’ll be right at the front of the line to tell you all about it. 

Until then, though, there’s a number of interesting interviews around online with athletes who claim CBD helps them with recovery, and if you want to try it, we’re always here without a wide array of products for you to try and find out for yourself. 

Do you use CBD for post-workout recovery? Does it help? What’s your opinion on pro-athletes and former pro-athletes advocating CBD use? Let us know in the comments before, and as always, be nice to each other. 


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