Can CBD Cure Cancer?

Research into the properties of CBD when it comes to curing and alleviating diseases and their symptoms is ongoing, and there are many questions that remain unanswered, for now. At Plant and Hemp, we have our own opinions when it comes to the question of can CBD cure cancer, but we are not here to give our opinion (nor can we do so, due to UK laws).

What we can say for sure, is that there is certainly anecdotal evidence that you can research that will give stories of cancer sufferers who use CBD and related products, and how it works for them.

Science is not ignoring this fact either, and many studies exist which explore the relationship between CBD and cancer symptoms.

Many cancer-related organisations list CBD and other marijuana-related products as an alternative form of medication, and it is clearly something that health organisations are taking seriously.

But does CBD work for cancer sufferers? Or perhaps the better question is, can it? Is there any evidence to suggest that cancer can be cured by CBD?

Can CBD Help Cancer Patients?

We have to be careful what we say here, as UK law prevents us from promoting the possible health benefits of CBD, but it is still a subject worthy of discussion.

Firstly, it is important to note that something does not have to cure a disease in order to help it. There are many medications, both official and alternative, that have been shown to help alleviate symptoms of certain cancers.

It is also vital to be aware that cancer is an umbrella term that relates to various diseases, some can be cured, some cannot. Certain medications have been proven to help with specific forms of cancer, but do not have an effect on the symptoms of others.

So when it comes to any alternative treatment, especially if it is not prescribed directly, it is important to put in the research and see if there is anecdotal evidence or scientific research to back up the possibility that a certain alternative remedy could assist with symptoms of a specific condition.

For those considering using CBD, for any reason, the legality is often a big question mark. Fortunately, the answer is relatively simple.

In the UK and the US, CBD is legal to buy as long as it is hemp-based, containing no more than 0.2% THC, and purchased from a trusted source.

It is, therefore, simple to find out for yourself if CBD can be helpful in whatever circumstance you may happen to think it could be (we told you we had to be careful!).

Is CBD prescribed as a Cancer Treatment?

In the US, 33 states (at the time of writing, the number is expected to increase) have legalised medicinal marijuana, and while doctors will not usually prescribe CBD or other marijuana products as a treatment, it is not unheard of for doctors to speak to patients about it, and about the research that has been carried out into the effects of CBD on diseases.

What to be Aware Of

If you do decide to try CBD as a form of cancer treatment, and we are certainly not going to stand in your way if you were to choose to do so, then there is a necessity to tread with care.

Taking CBD alongside any other medications can, in some cases, increase or decrease the impact and effects of either of the two medications, so it is advisable to speak to your doctor if you are using any other forms of medication.

CBD can also have side effects, these tend to be minor, and do not appear in many cases. It is fair to say, without breaking any laws, that CBD does not have side effects of the severity that many official cancer treatments do.

That is certainly not to say that we are suggesting you do not take prescribed medication, which we would never do. Prescribed medication is important, and if you are considering CBD, be sure to check if it will interact with your other medication in any way.

Worth a Try?

If you are tempted to try CBD for any purpose, it is simple to do so. Prices are reasonable, and that quality can be guaranteed if you buy from a reliable source (you can read this sentence with a cheeky smile and a wave from us if you so wish).

The conversation around CBD and cancer is likely to continue for a long time, and perhaps one day we will be able to be more direct with our opinion, and further research will allow us to do so.

At this point, we are looking forward to finding out what can and can’t be proven, and we will be sure to share that information with you as it comes.

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The products we sell do not have proven health benefits. While research is being carried out, these products are not, and should not, be considered to be medical products.

Any information we give in these articles is taken from scientific research, but should not be considered as a statement of fact. Links and information included in these articles do not reflect the opinion of Plant & Hemp. Any link to scientific studies is for information only, and not intended as a proof of any specific fact, or to validate any specific opinion.

We are simply bringing you the information needed to make an informed decision on what you want to use CBD for, and what you are comfortable using our products for.

CBD products should not be used as a replacement for any prescribed medication, under UK and International Law.

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