Can CBD Cause Headaches?

So, there is an argument going on between scientists. Take a second to get over the cartoon image you have in your head of two people in white coats using test tubes as lightsabers. Okay, now we’ll get into the argument, which is about whether CBD can cause headaches. 

If you have ever consumed cannabis in its more THC heavy form (you don’t have to tell us, this isn’t an insanely complex sting operation or anything) then you are probably aware that headaches are seen as a fairly common side effect. 

However, when it comes to CBD, is this still the case? 

There are a lot of assumptions made about CBD products due to the cannabis connection, come believe (wrongly) that CBD and THC are more or less the same, and therefore have the same effects and aside effects. 

However, just because CBD isn’t like THC, doesn’t immediately discount the possibility that headaches can be a side effect of CBD use. 

So, let’s explore the science, while simultaneously trying not to get stuck in the middle of the test tube-based lightsaber battle we all know is definitely happening in a lab somewhere. 

Why CBD Doesn’t Cause Headaches

There is limited research into the side effects of CBD at this point, but anecdotal evidence suggests that headaches are not a common result of taking CBD products. 

Not only that, but there is also speculation to suggest that perhaps CBD can actually help with headaches. 

In an interview with the American Migraine Foundation, Dr Stephen Silberstein, Director of the Jefferson University Hospital’s Headache Center, suggested that CBD could be used for those with muscle and joint pain commonly associated with migraines. 

“If you have a lot of neck pain or soreness, it is perfectly reasonable to use CBD oil. It may even prevent nausea and vomiting.”

The important word here is “may” because there has been little study into the effectiveness of CBD on migraines and headaches at this point. Some studies have shown positive results, but confirmation is still a long way away. 

However, the suggestion that CBD could actually help headaches, leads many to believe that causing headaches is an unlikely side effect. 

Why CBD Causes Headaches

Of course, it wouldn’t be an argument between scientists if there wasn’t an opposing angle. 

Some believe that CBD does cause headaches, for the same reasons that it may be suggested it does not. 

A side effect Paracetamol, for example, is headaches, despite, or perhaps due to, the relief of headaches being the main purpose of the drug. 

It is often the case that a medication that can help with a certain issue, can also cause that same issue. 

This is definitely a concern with CBD products, and there are many articles to be found on the topic. 

What to Do if CBD Causes Headaches

Research into CBD is ongoing, and we are discovering new things all the time, but the vital thing to remember above all else, is that CBD affects everybody in different ways. 

It is not a one stop shop to help all medical conditions, and it may not have a positive effect on everybody. 

When you start CBD, it’s sensible to start with a low dose, but even then, there is no guarantee that there won’t be a negative impact as a result of consuming CBD. 

Therefore, is you take CBD, and you believe it is causing you to have headaches, or any other adverse effects, then the right choice is to stop taking it. 

If you want to try a different CBD product to see if that makes a difference, feel more than free, and if you would like to discuss the situation, or ask advice, feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help. 

Basically, we don’t know if CBD causes headaches. We can be fairly sure (but cannot guarantee) that it is not a frequent side effect, and there is even the possibility that CBD could help relieve headaches, but nothing can be known for sure on the subject at this point. 

Have you experienced headaches due to taking CBD? Or has CBD helped with migraines and headaches for you? Comment below for the chance at a 10% lifetime discount.


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    Perla Rodríguez

    Use el CBD para aliviar los dolores de cabeza tensional en conjunto con Adepsique ( medicamento controlado ) que me requiere mi Neurologo y me regresaron los dolores de cabeza aún y tomando el Adepsique , aumenté la dosis de CBD y no logro quitarme el dolor al contrario aumento . Tengo dos días que deje el CBD y solo tomo el medicamento controlado . Yo quería que funcionara porque quería dejar ya el medicamento controlado pero no me funciono .

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      Yes; first time using it and I have the worst headache. Using it because of asthma. It is a ratio of 18:1 because I don’t want to get high. Don’t know if I should take aspirin. Don’t know if it’s ok to lie down and sleep??????


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