Can Affiliate Marketing Be a Career? 

Can Affiliate Marketing be a career? Can affiliate marketing make you rich? It’s the first question on the lips of most people who want to embark on an affiliate marketing career, but can it actually be a career? 

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new concept, in its current incarnation at least, with the popularity of online shopping and the astounding number of different industries tat offer products for sale online, the opportunity has become available for affiliates to link to the products of companies and receive a commission from sales that are made through those links. 

It sounds easy, and in principle, it is. However, as with most options for making money online, the market is competitive and busy, and not everyone who makes a foray into affiliate marketing can make money out of it. 

There is no guarantee that you’ll make enough money from an affiliate marketing career, it depends heavily on how much traffic you generate to your own site or social media generated content, and how well you promote the products of your affiliate partners. 

While there’s no such thing as a sure thing, here are a few hints and tips that may increase your chances. 

Pick a Good Niche

At first, it may seem easy to pick the right industry for your affiliate marketing career, you just step into the most lucrative industry, right? Well actually, no. 

Consider iGaming, the online casino industry is huge and generates an outrageous amount of money on a yearly basis, but firstly there are numerous high profile affiliates already working in the industry and secondly, regulators have clamped down on affiliate advertising to such an extent that several online casinos no longer offer affiliate programs. 

You want a lucrative industry, but you want a fresh one too, and that’s where CBD becomes a very good option. There is competition, sure, but less, and there is a lot more freedom for affiliate marketers in the industry. 

Don’t be Too Broad

You may think the more boxes you tick the better, but that’s not the case. Say you decide to be a health affiliate, if you try and cover every possible aspect of healthy, yes, you can get more affiliate partners, but you will generate less traffic because the broader your topic, the less informative you can be. 

CBD is an aspect of health that allows more specific content, and more direct affiliate marketing. But, consider going even more specific. Why not isolate a singular part of the CBD industry and focus on that, this can get you up to towards the first page of Google results, generate more traffic, and give the opportunity for ore profit from your affiliate marketing. 

Be Creative, Can Affiliate Marketing Be a Career?

You have to be honest about being an affiliate, but that doesn’t mean you have to just focus yourself as a sales site. The more unique and original your content is, the more likely you are to interest people. 

Don’t just put a list of CBD products on your pages, because you’re linking to a site that does that, instead, put up articles about the different aspects of CBD, inform and educate, and link where it is contextual. 

Try videos and social media content, and link to your affiliates from them too, a multimedia approach is often the most sensible in the modern world. 

Love the Affiliate Marketing Industry

If you’re going to become an affiliate, do so in an industry that interests you. It helps to know a good amount when you start, and you’re going to want to keep learning and keep researching. 

The best affiliates are those who know about the subject matter they are promoting, and have a passion for it. 

CBD is an intriguing industry, we love it at Plant & Hemp, and that’s why we work in it. If you’re going to become a successful P&H affiliate, it’s important that you love it too, because that passion comes across to your site visitors, and that helps gain their trust when it comes to the products you promote. 

In conclusion, yes, affiliate marketing can be a career, but like every other career, it takes hard work, passion, and a huge amount of patience. 

The CBD industry is one of the best opportunities for affiliate marketing in the modern world. If you want to get involved and see if you can benefit from this fast-growing industry, click here and become a Plant & Hemp affiliate today.


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