Are CBD Vapes Safe?

is CBD Vape Safe?As with any new product in any industry, you are likely to have heard some horror stories about CBD, and specifically about vaping it. With so much research being carried out to suggest CBD products are safe, it’s hard to know the truth. So, let’s get into it and answer the big question, are CBD Vapes Safe?

The answer is simple. Yes, it is, as long as you are careful. It is important to remember that regulation of the CBD market is limited at this point (although we expect that to change) so not all products, or all suppliers, can be trusted. 

“Are CBD Vapes Safe?”, and how to vape safely…

Before we get into the complex issue of the regulation (we’ll make that bit simple though, don’t worry) let’s first focus on what you can do to ensure you will not have a bad experience with CBD products. 

If you are new to CBD, then the advice we have for you is simple, start slowly and build up. While you may know someone who vapes CBD and uses a fairly strong dose and always has, your body may be different, so be careful. 

We suggest starting with a very low strength oil, possibly as low as 1% if you want to tread particularly carefully. 

See how your body responds to this strength if it feels good for you, stick there. If you feel the strength is not high enough, then move up slowly, one step at a time, and when it feels right, hold steady at that strength. 

There is nothing impressive about being able to handle a stronger CBD oil than the next person, that is far from the point of CBD. 

Instead, stick with what is good for you, and remember that CBD does not have the psychoactive properties of THC, so if you don’t feel high through vaping CBD oil, it’s because you’re not supposed to! 

Also, if you are on other medication, avoid CBD until you have spoken to your doctor, as CBD can react with some medications and cause their effects to either increase or decrease.

Vaping itself may also be a risk. Long-term studies are yet to have been done, but we recommend anyone with lung issues avoids vaping in general, CBD or otherwise. There are many other CBD products that have no risk to the lungs. 

The Risks of Buying CBD from Unregulated Sources

You can be as careful as you want, but if you are vaping CBD that you have bought from an untrustworthy source, you may still be at risk. 

You may well have seen articles about people who have found themselves at risk through vaping CBD, and there is truth to these articles. 

Basically, there is not a great deal of regulation of CBD at this point, because governing bodies are still trying to work out exactly what it is. 

Therefore, it is vital to buy your CBD products from a trusted source (*waves*) that is regulated and provides quality products. 

If you vape CBD that you have not bought from a trusted supplier, you can’t be sure what it is you’re vaping. 

The strength of the CBD may not be what is advertised, it may contain other substances that aren’t listed on the product, or in some cases it may not contain any CBD at all. 

While the latter of these issues is nothing more than an irritation and a waste of money, having something other than CBD involved in what you are vaping can bring a variety of risks.

As you don’t know what it is you are vaping, it’s impossible to know what those risks are, but we can be sure it isn’t worth taking a chance on, especially not when you have trusted (and rather charming, if we may say so) suppliers of quality CBD products available. 

And that’s about all there is to it, there are two main steps to remember to ensure you make CBD Vapes safe for you. 

Firstly, check your limits, start with low strengths, and avoid mixing medication with CBD, or vaping at all if you have lung issues. 

Secondly, make sure that the supplier you are using is a trustworthy one who will provide you with high-quality CBD products. 

As long as you do these things, then you have a simple answer to the question are CBD Vapes Safe? 

The answer is it’s as safe as you make it and as safe as we make it. So, we’ll do our part, you do yours, and we’ll all be fine! 

Got an opinion on vaping CBD? Why not share it with us in the comments below? Remember to be nice, we’re all friends here! Or try this 1% e-liquid and let us know what you think for the chance at a free gift pack of our best e-liquids. 


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