“In this bright future, you can’t forget your past” – R.N.M

At P&H we’ve noticed the more advanced the world becomes the more we lose a bit of who we are.

From herbal remedies, from being disconnected from our tribe, to sitting at our desks all day, to what we eat, to what we eat eat’s and a hell of a lot in between.

Currently, the focus of our mission… the Hemp plant: organic farms, products free from solvents or pesticides and delivered to your door by friendly faces of people who care.

But that’s not to say we don’t also have our eyes set on the moon…

We are a Lisbon based company started by three french guys, with sites set on the rest of Europe!

If you want to join our movement, have ideas on what we could do next or fancy a chat, please reach out.

Lucas. Pisaroni




Av. Duque de Loulé 12 6º e 7º andar, 1050-090 Lisboa